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  1. Let me see if I understand. Your going to give us status effects that can only be healed by resting

    THEN your going to make those status effects SO nasty the person HAS to go back everytime 

    they get one. 


    My time must not be important to Obsidian to make me fast travel back to my ship EVERYTIME 

    I get a status effect then HUMP ALL THE WAY back to where i was. I started playing again and

    in 20 mins of gameplay i have had 2 2!!!!! 2!!!!!!!!!!! broken ankles. Like wtf? Any power attack

    from a raptidon breaks your ankle 100% no saves. W.T.F? Its design choices like this that 

    make me think just anyone with zero training can make video games. How does this 

    get greenlighted  HOW????? Devs really want me jumping back to my ship every 10-20 mins?



  2. What troubles me is the lack of transparency on the launch times/pre download info from epic games store. 

    Theres no excuse to not atleast inform the customer on the pretty obvious questions they would have about 

    release times(will it match the timezone you live in?) Or is it on its own timezone. ANNNDD Pre load info

    why cant I, as a customer of the Epic store get ANY info on this?


    Because they have no forums. Every single big release they totally botch. Borderlands 3? Lost save files

    Ghost Recon: Breakpoint? Did not launch at unlock time, according to the Epic store had to do with UBI

    not unlocking the game. 


    Either way ive had nothing but bad times with the store, I absolutely hate the layout. Half the games 

    they advertise aren't even released.

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