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    You seem to be really bad at this game. No offense. I suck at baking...

    Mhm, but do you enjoy baking? You don’t have to be good at something in order to still enjoy the experience.


    But I admit I made a mistake. 77 000 backers apparently enjoy it and I wasn’t one and that GoG sale made me temporarily forget why. I remember now.


    I love to bake and am great at it. I remember playing wasteland back in the 80's and wondering into the wrong area and dying. For me I like that kind of danger. Life ins't a book. Nor should the games be.

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  2. Ok, none of my previous comments have been approved yet, so I don't know if I'm shouting into the void or not, but I just wanted to say that it's time for me to stop playing and uninstall the game.


    I set it to "story only", just to see what happens, and I discoverd a massive temple that came up beneath a village and NOBODY CARED! I tried to talk to the inkeeper about it, but the only dialogue options were related to finding the daughter whom I already had freed in the temple. I then didn't get any good options with the nobleman in the inn either so I killed him where he stood for what he did to the daugher. Two random npcs outside seemd to care about that in random dialogue interactions.


    And then a slaver comes to my castle and wants help, and there's not even an option to kill him where he stands. The only options are to help him or have him wait.


    So, I'm done. This was a mistake from the beginning. I was lured in by the discount. I was never a Baldur's Gate fan (although I loved Temple of Elemental Evil for some reason), I was always more of an Ultima fan, so I'm going to go and play the Divinity games now instead.

    to bad this game is awesome. 



    The other people on this forum that are the power builders will be here in 6 months making builds. They will answer questions for those that come late to the Deadfire party. They will keep this forum alive for a few years, but only if they find a challenge in order to justify those builds. The PoE forums stayed pretty active for such a small title. It is all on the shoulders of those folks, and it is good for new players to have a place to look for advice. It is wise to ensure they still have that challenge in Deadfire. As that is why they will be here in 6 months, or a year, or 5 years. PoE1 was a small but active community, and Deadfire needs to be the same.

    I agree wholeheartedly.


    I (for example) will not post any build as long as the game is in such an unbalanced state. It's ok for now and for my first playthrough because atm the story is the most important thing. But for long term investment to happen it needs to be more balanced. A lot more.



    I am currently playing Kingmaker Pathfinder beta. It's buggy and incomplete (as you would expect) but even in this state the challenge and class building is a fair bit more interesting then Deadfire at the moment.


    I would love to come back and play more Deadfire but without the challenge its kinda boring.


    I agree. Will try the next patch to see if it gets the love it needs :D

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