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  1. Something with render, i think, but since update every map is blurred:







    + strange artifacts on certain zoom levels (take a look at those squares on trees - like extreme JPEG compression)







    AND STRANGEST THING: when i moving my party (and camera of course) several times with double-click or just quickly pan camera, blurring disappears on small part of map and game looks like it should wor a while:







    It's on every map! I remember there was a problem with blurred font on 3.0 version... maybe it's similar issue. If it unable to fix, please, let me know where i can get old 3.06 build, becose at this moment game looks awful.


    P.S. Steam version, Win 7, NVidia GPU

    привет, подскажи, получилось решить проблему размытия ?

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