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  1. When you click on the dialogue choices, often it will "double-click" and bypass some of the dialogue options. It happens most frequently when the only dialogue option is "Continue" but happens otherwise as well. The only way to figure out what it is you have auto-clicked is to check the scrolling dialogue history in the lower right hand corner of the map screen. So far it has not made for any major bad choices chosen unintentionally, but it is annoying and may make a choice that one normally would not have made. It would be much appreciated if that were corrected. It was a problem in the later Beta version as well but not the earlier ones.

  2. I didn't see my last topic posted, so will try again. My apologies if this appears twice in the forum. I also added a few since my last post.


    The following are bugs I see in the latest Beta release:


    1. Game still does not shut down properly. It locks up instead.


    2. Scrolling from side to side or up and down on the map is erratic (same as last update).


    3.Cloak of detection still glows too brightly. Same with moon god-like heroine's hair.



    4. The ghost images in the cut scene are very hard to see in the desert background



    5. The words "No Pen" appear repeatedly in battle sequences



    6. The type font in the character creation screen is very small and blurry



    7. The information for time of day is covered by other information boxes



    8. The lettering for the map place descriptors is unreadable



    9. In the Temple of Tangaloa Ruins, Giordu Red-Handed supposedly places a cloak reverently in your hands, but there is no cloak that shows up in your inventory.


    That's it for now. Thank you for the opportunity to test the beta and share our findings on this forum. The game is looking good.


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  3. An addendum to my last bug report. There are two priestesses, two chiefs, and two Vektors in Tikawara when you first get back to Tikawara from the adra island. It is the set of three near the docks that use the old dialogue options. That set of priestess, chief, and Vektor disappears after you talk to the second Vektor at his trading post, where he does trade with you and you have the option to bring him on as ship's cook.

  4. Some additional bugs:


    5) when comparing an item that you pick up with what you already have equipped, the descriptions will often overlap and become unreadable

    6) when in battle the phrase "No Pen" often appears )not sure what that means)

    7) a story line inconsistency: I chose to destroy the Adra. When I return to Tikawara, Chief Ruanu is angry with me and states that no home in town is open to me. The only place I can rest is in the temple. However, one of the dialogue options with Ruanu is still available: "Where could I find supplies?" When answering that, Ruana still gives the option to see Vektor about supplies (which he no longer offers) and that they never refuse a guest (they do). Himuihi will confirm in her dialogue "No home in Tikawara may offer you shelter now." After completing the quest on the island Ruanu's dialogue options should be changed.

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