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  1. Hello Fellow Adventurers! 


    I hope you are all having a most excellent day of exploring and questing.  


    I literally just completed The White March part one minutes ago and felt compelled to pop in here and heap praise.  This is everything I hope for in a cRPG!  Exploring!  Questing!  Looting!  Finding epic items!  


    I can't wait to set sail for the DeadFire Archipelago but right now there something occurring back in Stalwart that needs my attention. Something about a Forgotten Army...  


    Thank you Obsidian for such an epic game!  I am so excited to start DeadFire and I hope beyond hope that there will be a third chapter to Pillars of Eternity! 



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  2. Hello Obsidian,


    Loved PoE and Tyranny.  Great games!  


    I was wondering if any thought had been given to possibly doing an adventure based isometric unity game.  Think back to LucasFilm's Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.  Or even Tomb Raider.  Something along those line.  The fantasy genre is great but it seems like we've had a lot of entries in the last few years.  An adventure isometric could be a lot of fun.


    Just a thought.  Thanks for listening. 





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