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  1. There are quite a few, many which don't work properly on custom.


    I've read that if you want the 2h sword, you need to choose that you did not forge the sword.

    Aloth is more amusing, if you choose that he accepted Ilemyr (or w/e her name was).

    Gift of the Machine doesn't work off Custom (unless you have to reach a certain point in the story to turn it on, my custom is still early).

    I sacrificed someone through Custom, didn't work (see above).

    Woedica should be a +1 Power level, if you did the souls her way, didn't work (see above).

    Devil Breastplate, Spare Haramke, so she's torn apart by angry villagers, and made into armor.

    Theres a dragon pet you can find, if you spared the Dragon.

    Thanks for this. I am hoping these bugs are fixed next patch. My current save I reforged the blade but could never get the blade of endless whispers, only yenwood.

  2. I want to create a custom “import” from PoE1 giving me access to everything possible (items, bonus, etc). For instance in my save I didnt spare Haramke so no DoC breastplace for me...


    Since I will be doing a full play through as soon as 1.1 hits, it would be nice if I could create an background with everything that mattered.


    I know about the gift of machine, sparing haramke and blade reforged, is there something else?

  3. Guys, a user contacted me via private messages and ask me to use GPU-Z to check your "Bus Interface"



    Mine shows PCIe x16 3.0 @x1 3.0 in one slot, when i swapped to my other to showed as x8


    putting it in my other slot with the x8 changed my FPS from 30 to 130 in the tavern. For everyone else here could you please post a picture of GPU-Z?



    This doesn't make much sense. If you check the ? symbol next to the Bus Interface it will say that for most modern gpus the clock will not reach it's maximum unless over load. Also click it, will display an option to put  some load on the gpu and then the value will probably show "x16" instead of "x1".


    My mobo for instance has 3 slots with the same speed (x16) and I believe most mobos nowadays have this as well, x8 or x4 usually as only used for dual sli/triple sli, so the single slot should reach 16x.

  4. I know this is a very subjective question but which solo build have you guys had the most fun with? Back in PoE1 I spent a lot of time soloing with Paladin because it was by far the most effective one but boy that was boring. I could summarize early game as autoattacking for days and later on the game you could add FoD to the mix and that is it, which even though it worked was booooring.


    Now with multiclassing I guess there is more room to have the best of most classes, which in turn can become more fun.

  5. I am pretty frustrated as well, Nekataka (qQueen’s Berth) is nearly unplayable with less than 20 fps. Indoors it gets a bit better, but nobody with a 1060 or superior should sit below 100 fps in a game like this...


    Unfortunately there wasn’t a single official word about this anywhere I could find. Guess it is time to look for something else that resembles PoE, maybe it’s BG time.

  6. I've decided to edit my entire previous comment to add more information and try to provide some useful info:


    It seems impossible for me to keep the game running "lag-free" because it will always be running with around 40fps and you can clearly see the stuttering. 


    What I've tried so far:

    • updating mobo and gpu drivers
    • rolling back gpu drivers to a couple older ones
    • lowring settings ingame and fullscreen/windowed
    • changing settings in nvidia control panel, specially making sure "Prefer Maximum Performance" is checked
    • turning off steam overlay and telemetry
    • forcing window mode and dx11 on steam launch options
    • raising priority of the pillars.exe in the task manager
    • running game as administrator
    • disabling fullscreen optimization


    Out of curiosity I redownloaded PoE1, loaded an old save and to my surprise I was getting pretty low fps as well (around 60). I have over 200hrs in PoE1 and it always ran with 100+ fps. This clearly makes me think there is something fishy with the game engine.


    Some observations during the tests:

    • GPU was barely being used, clocking only 1600mhz (other games usually clocks 2100mhz) and temperature sitting at 40 degrees
    • CPU was barely being used as well, only about 30% load and temperatures between 35-40 degrees
    • Performance was better before 1.0.2 patch (is there a way to rollback?)

    My specs:

    • I7 4790 @ 3.6mhz
    • Asrock z97 extreme4
    • 16GB Ram
    • Gtx 1070 (397.64)
    • PSU 1000w
    • Windows 10 64bit (last updates)
    • Game running on an Evo850 SSD
    • Resolution: 1920x1080

    Something needs to be done fast by the devs  :( I believe I am not the only one considering putting the game aside while it is still in "beta" and come back much later when the game is finished to avoid spoiling the experience.

  7. I just respeced my lvl5 wiz and the spells I payed to learn from fallen enemy's grimoire were gone. Like said on title, is there a way to preserve them?


    I know gold isn't an issue later on, but early it is painful and so is keeping 50 grimoires. Since I play solo, respecing is common for harder fights and this problem should repeat itself a couple more times...

  8. The trick is to summon a distraction, run past behing the throne, wait until combat ends and start a conversation with the steward. ;)

    Well, over 20 tries doing this and they will always follow you. Maybe I am doing something wrong.


    Also with sugar I could reach the throne and lose aggro, but the statue won't talk to you.

  9. I don't now if something changed, but it was not that hard on my paladin which I did on the first try. I always aggro the mobs, run to the left of the stair right after the entrance and place the animat in a way only the shadow aggros me while the phantom goes to the animat. The problem was the animat dying before I could cast the second scroll, then I was perma stun. Sometimes only 1 phantom was left with 10 hp and he was able to perma stun me to death. After many tries I got some lucky rolls on the scroll and cleared everything with only 2. I even tried using combusting wounds without success (and of course I always have the ice mantle).

  10. Thanks for the explanation. I will give it a try and see how it goes.
    I guess I'll do this inbetween my wizard run so I can see which is better/mor fun.


    Well, I got to Maerwald and it was painfull, I had to reload over 30 times to clear the Caed Nua hall... after many tries I finally got some lucky rolls on the animat not getting insta killed and fan of flames hitting hard. Let's see how it will fare in chapter 2 now.

  11. When you take a wizard or druid who use implements:

    Take Envenomed Strike. With a wizard, take it as soon as you get Blast, because it works with Blast's AoE. It's great.

    If you want to play a druid and you want to use Rot Skulls, take it as soon you get that. Env. Strike works with the AoE of Rot Skulls.

    Both Variants are powerful and make certain encounters like bounties way easier, because you can cause about 100 raw damage per foe in an AoE - 3/rest.

    Wait a minute, are you saying that I can envonomed striked multiple enemies with only 1 charge because of the Blast aoe splash?


    If the answer is yes, can a priest do the same somehow? I want to abuse that + cleansing flames soooo hard now...

  12. Do you guys think the godlike abilities are worth the helmet slot for a solo playthrough?


    I have started two wizards for a solo playthrough, one orlan and another moon godlike hoping I would be able to compare, and early on vs the bears the moon godlike was wayyyyy better, but I keep thinking about how useful many helmets are and I am not sure how silver tide scale later on...


    It seems that I also have to heavily invest into MIG and CON to make the healing worth and currently (maybe wrongly?) I prefered maxing INT and PER at the start.


    What do you guys think?

  13. Hey dambros,


    There are a few known issues dealing with this. The main one is caused by accessing the same save in two different copies of Pillars. Did you ever have two versions of Pillars running at the same time?


    - Sking

    Yes, I did today :/ I was alt tabbing and pressed space on the steam window instead of the game window and it launched Pillars in the background which I instantly closed after  I realized it was running. I didn't load anything on that second version of the game though, I simply closed the window without accessing anything on the game menu.


    Is there something I can do? I don't have any saves since I always overwrite the previous ones...

  14. After 40hrs of playthrough on my solo PotD run everything simply reset (all wilderness areas have fog of war and mobs again) and I can't even enter Heritage Hill anymore because the door key is missing.


    I don't know what caused this, but this is a game breaking bug. I am probably sure the end game achievs won't trigger as well since everything has reset...


    Savegame: https://we.tl/lhqHXlwy4m


    Any solutions?

  15. Wiz is super strong from the beginning and exponentially with the progression. You just have to rest a bit more in the beginning. Get arcane veil asap. A wizard can be so manly that he can destroy some bounties with his own lance ( citazel) + martial power+ daom+ other buffs.

    One of the most fun to play solo ( other are monk, Chanter, druid, Priest at High lvls)

    I am definitly trying it out. Monks do seem fun as well and I guess they make great solo chars because the intense micro manage!ent rrquired isn't a problem when you are solo.

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