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  1. Magic has nothing to do with divinity......magic is an ungodly force.......



    I find it always fascinating when religious people perceive the idea of magic as some kind of threat.

    But maybe it is? Both in fantasy stories as in religious texts you often find events that bend the laws of physics. And I imagine, that for instance christians don't wanna see Jesus confused with a magician, as suggested in that hilarious Rowan Atkinson sketch.



    But then - although I don't know the statistics - pretty much everybody knows magic isn't real. So in demonizing magic, it seems to me, religion actually recognizes the slippery slope it's inhabitating.

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  2. You know, there are other states than "absolutely fine" and "completely broken".


    The game is playable and if I really wanted to play it now, I would and could have fun with it. But since the game appears now to be in the worst state since I bought it (at version 1.04) I expect it to be more enjoyable after a few patches and decided to wait for them.


    Nevertheless 'worst state' is meant only in comparison to the other game versions I experienced, certainly not in comparison to other games.

    In software projects of this magnitude bugs are just unavoidable and since PoE has a very extensive game system which shows its inner workings openly (at least to those who use the log) some of them are easier spottable for users as bugs in other games. But a skill working incorrectly certainly isn't gamebreaking - even in those rare cases where you have to decide not to use it anymore. 


    On the other hand, I don't think ignorant bliss is a really good defense. There are people, like me, who notice things not working and who are annoyed by it and once you notice something, you can't unnotice it. And of course would the game be better if it would do, what it leads you to expect. The "number crunching" accusation is just silly, as numbers just are a integral part of the game system. If you choose to ignore them that's fine, but telling someone who doesn't that he's somehow playing the game wrongly simply isn't right.


    So, I think, in the end my assessment is: could be better, could be worse.

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  3. The difficulty of encounters will obviously get adjusted to the options the player has. So if there is prebuffing, all encounters will be designed with the fact in mind that there is prebuffing. So if you want play the game at the difficulty level that was intended, you just have to prebuff, which I and others (and luckily the game designers too) perceive as an unpleasant activity.


    Another point: the original complaint was about the hardest difficulty level being too hard without prebuffing. What about just lowering the difficulty?

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  4. I think, it's kind of funny how 2 different groups in this thread seemingly talk about the same subject, but still completely talk past each other. The one group cares about accurate simulationism, the other about functional game mechanics.


    Luckily I belong the second one to which this games design appeals more.

    When I'm putting points into Might, I absolutely don't see my characters muscles grow. I simply don't care about that. I had to skip through all this talk about how 'Might' could influence missile damage, because I was just unable to see the point of it. I'm sorry!

    'Might' is for me the thing that boosts damage. They could have called it differently, but 'Might' seems to be an ok name for a damage-boosting attribute. That's it.


    Probably the system could still be tweaked to work better yet, but the more mechanical approach they took is the right one, at least for me.

  5. I don't like the idea of losing the duration and making meal-bonuses quasi-permanent.

    However - what about a new crafting option, that lets you combine several meals to 5-or-6-course-menus, that can be consumed with one or to clicks? This way they keep their restrictions but we lose much hassle consuming them.


    With certain characters I often use the same food combination over and aver again. You're absolutely right, that this is not particularly enjoyable. But if I could have, for example, at the beginning at stack of cookie-cake-and-ale-menus, that would make it much easier.


    I've played >40h now, i'm in Od Nua level 8 and both Gaun's share and Oidhreacth lost their life stealing properties. I was dual wielding with my Cipher, and now it really pisses me off, 'cause your damn 2.01 patch (on GOG) is NOT retroactive! Please correct this, it needs a hotfix.


    They broke in 2.0, but 2.01 fixed it. Might be a GOG patch issue. Anyone on Steam having this issue still? (I'm on Steam and they work fine.)


    It's somehow hard to imagine, why such a specific thing should be broken only in the GOG-patch, but I can confirm that it is.

    It's not only not retroactive, but I already managed to lose the enchantment on Gaun's Share in a newly created 2.01-game.


    I went with the WM-patch first, then the other one and that seemed to work fine.


    But now I noticed the Gauns-Share-Draining-Enchantment is still disappearing (in a new game started with this patch). Is this still broken, despite what the patch log says, or could that really be caused by wrong patching order or generally broken gog-patches?


    Still broken. People on steam verified the files and still have the bug see second page of this thread




    2.01 seems to have introduced quite a lot of new bugs.


    What a pity!


    So now they have to get out the next patch as quickly as possible and don't rush it this time.

  8. There are, I think, 3 classes of effects that can be stacked, while there is no stacking within these classes. These are items, resting bonuses and a huge class of effects from all different sources, like spells, abilities, food etc.


    Consumables probably don't stack with spells, because potions often just replicate certain spells, so you could double the effects of these spells. So, for balance reasons and since the game is a bit easy anyway this is probably a sensible thing. On the other hand I actually think nonetheless, that consumables should have been an extra effect-class that's stacking with the others, but then there should have been potions with unique effects.

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