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  1. He means the thing on the left, not the ship which is on the right side.


    I'm not sure what it is either. Is that 'the' Star Forge?

    I can tell the difference between left and right ;)


    The right looks like a republic ship like the Endar Spire, while I though the left structure was some huge ship of unkown design that crashes so far away.


    Unknown world is like a paradise, which is ironic considering the dangers on/near it.


    :shifty: I'm sorry, I thought you had "misread" or something. My mistake. :">


    You see "the thing on the left" in a cutscene just before they land on Rakata. I don't think it's a ship, it looks like some sort of power-generator-thingie... :(

  2. I have a self-built computer. It's old, and has quite 'bad' components, so I don't play any games with it (couldn't play Thief 3), maybe some old ones.


    AMD Athlon "Thunderbird"

    Asus A7V133-C (can't even find it on the Asus website!)

    Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440

    Creative SBLive! Value

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