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  1. Fast forward to 2015. And what a surprise. A broken promise. There are indeed Dump stats in this game. The situation is no different than it was in the IE games. ....

    Sorry, but this is not true and I guess you know it. In BG/BG2 you could dumb several stats with no or almost no negative effect, while in POE it does have a negative effect, while it can be viable because these points can be spend better.


    And imo that's fine - otherwise every attribute could have the same value, why bother?

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  2. I found the speed at which we just accepted Iovara's statements ridiculous and rather annoying as well, especially as she was offering no proof.  My character's been a priest for potentially decades, likely grown up believing in the gods, and some random spirit tells her "oh hey btw the gods were created by the Engwithans because they couldn't find any others" and she just accepts it as true immediately?  As does everyone else?  No scepticism?


    Well, afaik you can play a dumb char who does not believe her. Does Durance really believe her? I don't exactly remember his reaction, but I think he did not really agree (however I don't know if his reaction can be changed by the player).


    However you would be really blind thinking that only the words of Iovara have convinced. Your char experienced a lot of things which in the end point towards what Iovara is telling you. There is definitly much more proof and hint in the game that the "gods" where a creation than the opposite.

  3. ....


    The dilemma posed at the end of the game is straightforward:  "Is it better for people to believe a lie that improves their quality of life, or know the truth and suffer the consequences?" 



    Good posts. However here I have to disagree, the dilemma is not as easy as that. A further question raised is: Does knowing the truth have negative consequences? And even further: Will it have a positive effect?


    From the review: "As for pulp philosophical themes, the only thing I can say here is that PoE’s lack of Chris Avellone’s major contribution (credited only as “additional writing”) shows, and it shows a lot. Avellone is a talented writer, and while obviously he’s not a second Hegel, he does have the penchant for creating compelling setups and questions. Meanwhile, each time PoE tries to go into ‘Tormenty’ territory, it falls flat on its face. Plato for Dummies is one example, but another good one is a question that is asked in the last 15 minutes of the game, which is probably supposed to be this game’s ‘what can change the nature of a man?’. It’s, ‘what if we can be assured of nothing?’ + 7 responses. Now, the writer must have thought that this was a doubleplusdeep philosophical dilemma, but was obviously unaware that this **** has already been answered 400 years ago by Rene Goddamn Descartes, making the question null and void. And you aren’t even given Descartes’ answer, either."


    That happens when hubris meets lack of understanding. Descartes does not answer the question raised in PoE, because the question is related to the "no gods" plot, and not directly to the theory of cognition. So who is unaware here?


    And even if he would be right - Descartes' answers are flawed as hell, as he should know.


    I assume the reviewer is quite young - and a wannabe intellectual.

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  5. Strongly agree.


    I think the reason for all the positive reception was that the game was decent in Act I and II, though still not in the same class as the old BioWare titles. Act III takes a huge turn for the worst and the endgame is just silly. Everyone unquestionably takes hastily introduced Iovara's word that the gods aren't real based on her eavesdropping through a door, but yet the gods still are real and have power? Your companions all write off the gods but then in the epilogue slides still worship them?




    It seems you do not realize that you have not fully understood the story. I am sure that you are able to understand it however. Give it another go! It only requires reading and thinking.


    Btw and not related to the above: I found Defiance Bay a bit weak, because it did not give me the feeling of a city, but rather felt like a theater stage.

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  6. Well that was a disappointing game in the end :(


    The game started off so well as well, the first few hours I thought "finally! a game that lives up to Baldurs Gate 2" and then it kind of just gets repetitive, forgetful and boring...


    1) The Storyline was different and started off quite interesting but eventually just becomes wayyy too complicated that I couldn't even be bothered reading anything in the final couple hours of the game. I have no idea who that random woman is that turns up at the end and it's impossible to remember which god is which. I couldn't even tell you one of the God's name in this game, they are just so forgetful (unlike Helm, Tempest, Lloth)


    I am sorry for you. The storyline is definitly not too complicated, if you actually read the dialogues (and think...). You missed a very cool and fresh story due to your laziness, I have never seen a story in an RPG that has such potential to make people think about our "real" world like the story of this game.


    So much better than the story of BG2 (a game I love so much).


    Hower admittedly the story fits very well to my Weltanschauung - if you are religious, it could hurt your feelings. I am really astonished that such a game has been produced in the USA (due to the story).

  7. Thank you very much, Gaze of the Adragan is the solution for the Adra Dragon. Aloth has access to this spell, I killed the dragon with a level 11 party, the only cheese I used is reload two times ;)

    I did not have scale breaker skill.


    How to do it:

    Eder in front, he initiates the conversation with the dragon. Rest of the party in the back.

    Move Eder back (as fast as possible).

    Summon something to pull the dragon to the north, does not matter very much what you summon (or pull it with Eder if you have no summons).

    You can now pull the whole party (in the worst case Eder cannot be pulled) on the south side behind the dragon.

    Aloth now needs to hit the dragon with Gaze of the Adragan. If he misses, well to be honest reload.

    Ignore the other ememies as far as possible after Aloth hits.

    If Aloth hits with Gaze of the Adragan, all party members need to attack the dragon with everything they have. If possible ignore the other enemies, or use spells that hit both the dragon and the rest.

    The dragon should go down quite fast now.

    Kill the rest.

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