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  1. I find Durance to be really annoying, RP-wise.  He's preachy and holier-than-thou and at the same time he's such a naive moron.  And whore this whore that, god it gets old fast.  And the ET thing with his staff is just embarrassing.  I haven't completed his quest yet so can't comment on that 100%, but it's kinda boring so far.


    I felt exactly the same way about Durance until I got more into his story and understood more about the history of the Godhammer and the wars. Now I'm glad I put up with him, but I don't actually like hanging out with him. I'm into Act III now and feel like I'm finally getting a grasp on the various gods and factions. I don't think the game would be as immersive if I hadn't brought any of the companions with me.


    I'm more interested in story than combat, so for me, it's important that companions are part of and contribute to the world in which the story takes place. 

  2. I'm enjoying the companion stories, though it might have been more fun to save some of the companions for subsequent playthroughs.


    There's one brutal resolve check. However, you can manage to pass it by using resting bonuses, equipment and consumables if you have at least 12 to start, I think. I turned off Qualifiers in the menu because it's better for RP.

  3. I was wondering about this, too. I started enchanting during Act II, with the consequence that many of my enchanted items had better stats than the special items I could find or buy later on. It bothers me a little bit, because the enchanted items don't have cool names or lore. I can't decide whether it's nice to be able to enchant things right away, or it's a bummer that by the time you save up for that awesome bow, it's not so awesome anymore.

  4. It just happened again! I went from Hearthsong to Valewood, noticed he wasn't in the party, and the text box just said "Durance has left the party." I don't think that's part of the story. I re-loaded, tried it again, and he disappeared again. Slippery kind of guy, Durance.


    Upon further testing, it appears that every time I try to go to Magran's Fork, Durance disappears from the party. Other maps seem fine.

  5. I had trouble with this, too, at the beginning. I think I've gotten lazy playing games in which you don't have to worry about FF. I find that I don't use my aoe very often, or as often as I would in another game. But that's okay, because now I'm more conscious of positioning and seizing opportunities to use spells.


    I play as a cipher and position myself off to the side, so that I can use a charm when I first engage the enemy. If I have another spellcaster in the party, I put him or her off to the other side. If I'm engaging a big cluster of monsters, I put the spellcasters in back so that they don't get engaged immediately in melee and can move around and draw a target away from my tanks. I have Durance lay down a seal to protect the squishier party members. With the ciphers, I tend to use the abilities that work with allies rather than pure damage, so it's more of a support role than my preferred DPS. I agree with Ibanix that using any of the spells/abilities that cause stuck or paralyze can set up an opportunity to drop a bomb.


    I do understand the OP's frustration, as there are times when you just can't use a spell without hitting your own people. You kind of have to think of the damage aoe spells as secondary to using your weapon. The most irritating encounters are the ones that start immediately after a dialogue and don't allow me to position my party or use stealth. I need to investigate whether I can change the character order in the party before these start and place the tankier companions up front. In the dialogue ones, though, my cipher gets pulled right into the worst position and often has to take one for the team.

  6. It's not working for me. I just keep using Puppet Master instead.


    Lately, every battle starts with the enemy dominating my ciphers in the first microsecond, before my ciphers even get a chance to strike. It's downright irritating. By the time I get Durance to remove the hostile effect, the battle is almost over. I tried to have my character and Grieving Mother run away as their first move, but it's not effective for Cad Nua battles or those that begin with a dialogue - any battle where you can't set the party formation or use stealth.


    Cipher seemed like a fun choice when I made my character, but the abilities are slooooooow, and it's difficult not to get stomped while trying to get close enough to use them. Most of the time I just end up at the back of the party picking enemies off with a bow.

  7. Lady Webb and her snarky little Orlan.


    Ok, fine. I've only just finished Act II, and my thoughts align with many:


    Durance - most interesting dialogue, but I would have slit his throat long ago if he hadn't been so good at keeping my party alive. He's like your father's creepy co-worker who eyes your cleavage at the holiday party.


    Edér - surprisingly funny and likeable; has lots to say. Kind of an Alistair. Bonus points for petting the animals. 


    Aloth - most similar to rl friends; story too short


    Sagani - most realistic, but a little boring. Someone has to remember the thermos, after all.


    Pallegina - wonderful voice; don't know her very well yet


    Kana - I must be one of the few players who enjoys his enthusiasm. His story maroons him at the keep.


    Grieving Mother - at first, I thought she was awesome: a Goth midwife. But her gloom started to get on my nerves, and while having two ciphers can be interesting, she just didn't add much to the party conversation. Update: Her story became clearer and more interesting. I like how her story relates to what's going on in Dyrwood.


    Hiravias - I already knew what a cloaca is, but I had to ask anyway. Update: I got into his story, and now I appreciate him more.


    I'm really missing a rogue companion. I made one, but he won't talk to me.  :(

  8. ooh, I forgot some things, like disposition and equipment.


    Favored Dispositions: Benevolent, Diplomatic, Clever, Honest, Deceptive

    Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel, Aggressive, Stoic *yawn*


    Weapons: warbow, double swords, giant pudding spoon


    Armor: something flashy and distracting, or completely black, depending on mood. I have a thing for boots, but the ones in PoE are hideous.

  9. I would be the character I play, only not nearly as cool.


    Gender: female

    Race: Glamfellen - because I'm translucent, though I have dark hair. I wish it were blue. It has been blue on occasion. Also, the pointy features. Yep, I'm an elf. I've always been a little off in my own world, fey. I like the cold as well.


    Class: I play a cipher, because I'd love to mess with people's minds. But my un-game self is probably closer to a Druid. I know all about plants and have numerous animals following me around. I could also play a rogue, 'cause I'm sneaky. 


    Attributes: This is kind of difficult, because it doesn't measure things I'm bad at, like feigning interest in sports or laughing at the appropriate moment. I'm strong, know how to dance, am fairly intelligent and lie convinclngly (I'm doing it now - or am I?). I show great resolve if something is worth doing, but otherwise can't be arsed. So balanced stats don't equal a good game character, unfortunately. I guess if forced to choose from base stats of 10 with 15 points to distribute, I'd be MIG 12, CON 12, DEX 12, PER 14, INT 13, RES 12 Bleh! 


    Culture: Old Vailia. My ancestors were spice, wine and silk traders. Dissident (see Resolve, above).

  10. I cleared the girl's mind and sent her to the temple, then confronted Lord Harond and took extra cash from him. I didn't like him, but having traipsed through the girl's mind, I felt that the vindictive souls did way more damage, and it wasn't clear that her uncle had actually fathered the child. I just found "thoughts and images of a man Aelys once knew as family." Not conclusive enough, and besides that, I was tired of killing people. The innkeeper didn't deserve a bad Yelp review for having a corpse in his room.


    I gained reputation with Dyrford and lost it with Defiance Bay. 

  11. I'm having the same issue. I switched up my party, came back to Cad Nua and added him back in. Then he got stuck on the stairs going down to the Endless Paths while he was supposed to be exiting the Keep with the rest of us. I went down and brought everyone back up, and the party was fine until we exited Cad Nua. Went back and found him standing on the bridge, but he was missing from the party screen.


    I wouldn't miss his sparkling personality, but his seals are so much better than traps that I'd like to keep him around. His dialogue says, "Let's keep moving," yet he just stands there.

  12. I may have found a bug. When I enter House Doemenel,

    I tell the doorman I have a letter which may be of interest. The letter is in my quest items. I can go to Abrecan and give him the letter right away, in which case he gets angry about me killing his lackeys (why my character would admit to it is beyond me). However, if I chat with him first about the animancy hearings and then suggest it's in his best interests to work together, he tells me his lackeys used his letterhead, and that he would like me to retrieve the evidence. I agree, but I can't give him the letter in my possession. It just goes to the "Where can I find these thieves?" dialogue. If I close that, I can't even talk to him again. If I exit the house and re-enter, he says, "Have you procured the letter?" but I still can't give it to him. I can only say that I'm still looking for it (in my voluminous pockets I suppose). I don't know if it makes any difference, but I already have the diamond as well, having taken the opportunity to procure it when I first entered the district - who can resist an unlocked window? It's not a huge deal, as I can just give him the letter when I first arrive, but it might spare other players a reload and a few wine stains.


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