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  1. v1.02 for me. I edited the post to say, that I managed to fix the bug by engaging with the Stelgaer spirit and then fighting one more combat. Don't know why it doesn't show, the site has been unusually slow for me today. I'm updating the game now though, thanks for the heads up :)


    Thanks. The way around works in 1.03 but bug is still present.

    So Obsidian add it to next patch todo list.

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  2. In 3rd act after kiling dragon in Hylea's temple I continued the "Hunter, Brother" quest. When i got to top of the waterfall i found body of giant skelgaer and engage smaller ones. After killing last one my party stuck in combat mode. I make shure that no enemy is near but I can do nothing to breack combat mode, also ther is no "s" and "d" button function.
    I cennot continue playing. Is ther some way to fix it or I need to wait for the patch?

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