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    Cipher and Druid do that quite a bit more effectively and with less risk. 


    CC is still Wizard's true role and strongest capability. 


    That's true, but the wizards CC capabilities are not that much higher than a ciphers from my experience. Especially until they reach lvl 9. Their damage is crazy low compared to them, yes, but in the beginning FoF will nuke most enemies.

    Not everyone is playing PotD where enemy stats are increased. On lower difficulties it'll kill stuff quite effectively.

    As I said, Ciphers and Druids damage is alot higher, but that doesn't mean a Wizard should be restricted to using CC. He is being advertised as a versatile spellcaster and I don't see much useful versatility here so far.

    If I'm correct the thread is about exactly that. ^^ Wizard damage being too low compared to those 2.

  2. If you can't find someone that can do more damage than a ranged rogue, you're not trying.

    You know, maybe you don't know, but things like that just make you seem like a person you won't listen to anyway.

    It makes you look like a stuck up wanna-be pro.


    I pretty much had that same feeling with my party. I've tried playing Cipher as a melee, but ended up giving him a blunderbuss, because of the weird way focus is gained.

  3. So I'm trying to solo the game and I am having HUGE problems with phantoms. I just don't want to play Druid, but it seems they're the best option as they can nuke down almost anything.

    What I really don't think is right is how they can stunlock someone almost entirely. Even a paladin with Deep Faith and quite high (at least I think 68Fort, 52 Ref, 58Will is high at lvl 4) saving throws has no chance of doing anything. I don't think that's proper balancing. Everything in this game is telling you "don't play solo". Almost every encounter and battle mechanic works against you here (tons of single target CC, interrupt system, etc.). I think locking solo gameplay down to only one or two viable classes is just not fun. =(

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