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  1. Hello,


    same issue here. The blurry font problem reappeared after the patch 2.0. I'm running the game in 1920x1200 resolution and changing it to 1920x1080 doesn't solve the issue as it did previously with a similar one which was present since the very release until it was fixed in later patches.


    In addition to the information given in the previous posts, there is also a problem with text tips during loading screens. Ones are shown blurry first, but after a few seconds become crisp.



  2. Update: I've just tested the issue on my laptop with display resolution of 1280x800. It has exactly the same problem with blurry fonts that are hard to read. It seems that the game can't properly handle 16:10 (1920x1200 and 1280x800 for me) resolutions and it doesn't matter how high they are. And 1920x1080 (16:9) text looks completely fine and crisp as far as I can judge from streams and screenshots.


    So it would be really great and appreciated if Devs reacted to the problem and tried to fix it in upcoming patches.

  3. Just wanted to tell you I'm playing at the same resolution,  and I don't have any problems with blurry text.  I actually got two displays and I test both of them. Both are 1920x1200 (19:10 native resolution, one is connect via DVI other via DP and both work fine. Have you ruled out eventual problems on your side like using Sub-D connection, monitor drivers, color schemes or overdrive mode?

    Thank you for the tips. My display is connected via DVI, overdrive mode is off (changing overdrive mode options does nothing for me) and display driver is the latest one provided by the manufacturer. I don't understand how color schemes can affect text blurring so I haven't tested it. It seems that the game uses improper UI scaling for 1920x1200 resolution. 1920x1080 looks better. Unfortunately, I can't attach screenshots here but I can upload them on a third-party hosting if one is interested.

  4. Dear Devs,


    first of all, I want to say that the game is great and thank you for your efforts to make it even better by patching! But unfortunately it can't be played comfortably using my display native resolution (1920x1200) because of blurry font. Changing resolution to 1920x1080 helps a little, but still font is not 100% crisp. Poor resolution handling is much more game-breaking problem for me than any crashes or stat boosting, beacuse in my case I can't even start a game without getting eyestrain. As far as I know this issue has been reported during beta, but I couldn't find any Devs team post addressing it or confirmation that the problem is recognized and going to be fixed.


    So is there any chance the blurry text problem gets fixed?

  5. There is a bug with modification of Eder Defender abilbity on levelup. If levelup is used and Wary Defender is chosen, when Defender mode is active, the tooltip doesn't change. It still shows info about unmodified ability. Moreover, the ability can't be deactivated after such modification. The only solution, I could find, was deactivating Defender before its modification on levelup. Everything works and shows just fine, if done that way.

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