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  1. After camping, having a dream about grieving mother, new conversation options are added,

    2015_03_31_00010.jpg 2015_03_31_00011.jpg 2015_03_31_00012.jpg 2015_03_31_00013.jpg 2015_03_31_00014.jpg 2015_03_31_00015.jpg 2015_03_31_00016.jpg 2015_03_31_00017.jpg 2015_03_31_00018.jpg 2015_03_31_00019.jpg 2015_03_31_00020.jpg 2015_03_31_00021.jpg 2015_03_31_00022.jpg 2015_03_31_00023.jpg 2015_03_31_00024.jpg 2015_03_31_00025.jpg 2015_03_31_00026.jpg 2015_03_31_00027.jpg



    As you can see, after I read her memories, I don't have a option to tell her what happended(she even actully asked me to tell her), only options are to end this topic. As a result her story can't continue.

    Btw, I'd like to upload my savedata if needed but it says the file was too big to upload.

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