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  1. Could also use Kreia's dialogue to Exile character about whether your choice of characters for raid on Freedon Nadd's tomb would be ok or not. With Mandalore, Kreia would say he is an excellent choice, Bao-Dur being another one. Just that leader can still be a character that you prefer. With fighting the three Sith masters in resurrection ritual in tomb, I just led them into a circle so that almost all three were chasing Exile around the room while Mandalore and Bao-Dur were chasing them, in turn. Then, when the Sith masters turn around and fight them, I just kept on using Master Heal (which heals all party characters). Can't exactly say it works every time, but helps quite a bit.

  2. Going by logic, fighting Visas could have given a red saber, since initial saber she wields is also red when fighting her on EH. Instead, saber type and colour crystal item drop by her is a random weapon. However, one place that tends to give at least a red crystal is still likely to be from an old lady salvager on Dantooine.

  3. Game will show several more cutscenes when Exile character has almost all party characters with him or her. However, some cutscenes, especially with T3, Bao-Dur and perhaps Atton will be shown first, depending on whether Exile is male/female. Some cutscenes, say with Kreia, will only occur if your PC starts dialogue with a related character. One such part might be where male Exile tries to convert Handmaiden into a force user, which leads to Kreia saying something in a certain response.

  4. The problem your having is fixed by loading a save game from just before you enter the academy, then when The Handmaidens challenge you pick 'Who are you?' as your first choise, followed by '..I didn't come here for a fight'. That will get you past this problem. I've run into this problem a few times, and it is the only game stopping issue I've had with the game.


    True. Same answer for me. It's usually an initial surprise, but got over it some time later.

  5. Well, they could have rephrase one of Disciple's usual quotes. Trouble is quotes can be heavy with ambiguity or double meaning sometimes. Don't really mind some of those from Bao-Dur, as dialogue from him isn't exactly as suggestive as some others might be.

  6. Exchange between droids on Malachor would simply be decision for your character to decide whether to end game as light or dark side alignment. So if Exile activates mass shadow generator, could say that Exile sides with Remote. If planet is not destroyed, G0T0's insistence that Malachor remains is fulfilled.

  7. Red is almost easiest crystal to get. Duros trader on Telos may already have it if you prefer to get it in initial part of game and if you don't mind reloading perhaps close to quite a few times for such a random crystal. Just be sure to access his inventory before deciding to turn him over to Lieutenant Grenn for his illegal dealings with smuggling and other happenings if doing his quest and playing as LS.

  8. If character is male, and if you learned battle precognition from Handmaiden, even you cannot find items like improved automation gloves for increasing Dex, Wisdom plus items would also increase defence as well. Ossus Keeper robes spawns as regular item. If playing as LS, Circlet of Saresh might help, but spawn of item is random. And retuning PC crystal from time to time with Kreia will increase stats somewhat although DS alignment does not increase Wis.


    With character for such game, you could have base Str at 16-18 or so, and simply raise either Dex or Wis higher than Str. Usually either Dex will be higher than Wis or other way round.

  9. Quite useful for looking at alignments of NPCs when say walking through areas like market square of Onderon so that one can decide which NPCs to initiate dialogue with based on PC alignment. Same for party characters too. Only that animals and creatures tend to be of neutral alignment most of the time, cannoks and other non-human sentients included as well.

  10. That's something close to what I had with her. And when you explain anything to her about philosophical relations, she would rather it be told to Disciple or someone else other than her. Added to it that when trying to gain influence with her, she will snap at Exile when asking her some questions about her background.

  11. If Quixon crystal cannot be used by character, there are others like Barab Ore Ingot, Kaiburr, Pontite of which last crystal is found in Queen's palace where alignment is not required for equipping in saber weapon. Especially with having two Kaiburr crystals when playing as DS in fight against Kreia.

  12. Sentinel...


    Have starting Int at 16 so as to get skills for character. Other thing about class is immunity feats against stun effects and some force powers. If you don't exactly like feeling immoral half of time when playing through game, take LS path first. In any case, the dark side will always be around even when LS is triumphant. For prestige, try taking the Watchman for sneak attacks. Works with force power effects like stun, and other effects where enemies can't move. Almost same for DS.

  13. Can't help but remember cat woman whenever am thinking of Juhani. There is dialogue option in original KotOR where character gets conversation line which goes something like "Bastila and the cat woman". However, Juhani looks more like alien character rather than anything close to that at all.

  14. In short...

    -Collect personal crystal from Dantooine's crystal cave.

    -Speak to Administrator Adare about locating Master Vrook in the Jedi enclave sub level.

    -When you get to the Enclave sub level which is underground, get to the library where you will find datapad which says that mercs have taken Vrook captive and are keeping him in crystal cave room.

    -Rescue Vrook and decide if you want to side with him or support the mercs instead.

    -Then, depending on who you side with, either deactivate or reinforce defences for Administrator's building. (Setting mine traps, reconfiguring turrent defences, activating defence droid abilities, etc) before beginning fight against/with mercs or Vrook. (Recruit people like Suulru, Joran, and other NPCs to help you if you decide to help Vrook to make fight against merc leader Azkul easier)

  15. With game, there is an NPC called Ponlar in Onderon's market square. Deciding to join in eventual uprising or riot with him and supporting him will more or less align you with Vaklu. Another way to side with Vaklu would be to select dialogue option that says you think Vaklu would be one you choose in ruling Onderon, as opposed to siding with the Queen. Then, after doing either of these, speak to Anda to receive quests for removing captains from their posts. Siding with Vaklu is possible without having to necessarily switch from LS to DS alignment.

  16. If you are thinking of taking lightsaber feats for your character, most of them can be accessed as a Guardian with a Weapon master/Sith marauder class. Weapon masters and Marauders get additional lightsaber feats like increased hit rate with using double bladed weapons or double single lightsaber fighting, apart from being able to select more feats than other classes. Jedi defence feats also increase ability of character to deflect blaster bolts with saber weapon. Easier to choose feats for lightsaber proficiency. Weapon masters and Marauders get additional proficiency feats for such.

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