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  1. Hi guys,


    I'm planning on rolling a ranged Cipher for my PC, and I was looking on some feedback on attributes scores, skills, abilities, talents etc. for the first few levels


    There's some stuff on Youtube and on the forums, but I noticed the day 1 patch gave the class a serious overhaul and I'm afraid most information is outdated by now. 


    Does anyone have any post-day 1 patch feedback on this?


    BTW I was thinking of going with a human (for aesthetic reasons) and using a blunderbuss if that is still a viable tactic 

  2. I agree the Cipher has more interesting lore than the Druid (too hippie for my taste), but you will likely be in combat for a large portion of the game, and the Druid's spells look really cool.


    Decisions decisions...


    BTW for Cipher I was thinking about using a ranged weapon (likely blunderbuss) due to its squishiness. The Druid would get stag form, again because it looks cool :p

  3. Hi guys,


    I'm really having a hard time deciding between Druid and Cipher for my player character.

    I usually enjoy playing with a not too squishy spellcasting hard hitter with some added utility skills for variety: F/M and Avenger druid in BG2 for example.

    As far as I can tell, both POE classes are not too conventional, are capable of hitting hard and provide varied gameplay.


    -I like that the Cipher also uses weapons, and that there is no daily limit to their spells.


    -Druids on the other hand seem a bit more durable, and their spell roster appears a bit more colorful


    Is there anyone who tried both extensively and is willing to comment on how they compare? Thanks  

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