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Status Updates posted by wolfrider100

  1. Just your friendly neighborhood wolf.

  2. Yeah I'm the big bad wolf.

  3. Big bad wolf? Yeah something like that.

  4. Well the wolf's back to play.

  5. Good to be back.

  6. Man it's been awhile since I was on here last.

  7. Heading to bed so I can play more of this game later.

  8. Manafest - Renegade in the house.

  9. Manafest - Renegade is in the house.

  10. Alright enough stalking the forums, going to head to bed.

  11. Have not done a few all nighters in a while, but I know when this game comes out I will.

    1. Luz


      Oh I just did one last night. I came home late from a friend's birthday party when I remembered I didn't finish some work I need done this morning! God, that was annoying Hah.


      Besides that I did pull an all-nighter in a friend's house not too long ago to finish Bayonetta 2! hence my current avatar choice.

    2. wolfrider100


      I just pulled a old nighter was few days ago when I finished Mass Effect 3 for like the third

      time. Now I'm just trying to drag myself to play some more Assassins Creed Black Flag.

  12. When Pillars of Eternity comes out, I know I'm going to be pulling a few all nighters.

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