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  1. Hi all,


    I've been carrying around Gaun's Pledge since the start of the game, and initially it did seem to work, but it seems that ever since I've left the starting area to other places, the ring doesn't seem to heal my characters. Is this broken? I could have missed it in the combat logs, but I doubt it, since I've tried it thrice already, and being unable to see if it was really working, it's mostly left unused.

  2. Here's my savegame with my 21 second loading times.





    At present I'm looking at about 90s to load up my game initially, 30s to transition areas, and 45s to load my quicksave in game.  Here are my saves (the last one's experiencing some quest-related problems, incidentally, so I don't know if that'll affect anything you're looking into): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw56i-bKiIvXeXdBbEpuWk03UmM/view?usp=sharing


    Hey guys, I tried to load both your games, and they load pretty quick on my system - 6 seconds for Katarack21's save game, and sparklecat's loads in 12.


    Caveat: I use an SSD, and I play on a Windows machine on an i7 with a recent mid-range NVIDIA graphic card. Hope that helps.

  3. Hey guys,


    I've just started on an RPG binge- gaming session today, and man, I've never been so nostalgic and impressed that Obsidian was able to get this off the ground running! Kudos!


    Introductions aside, I'm trundling along the first few quests and sidequests (level 4 now, yay!), and I now have the opportunity to hire an "adventurer"? From what I tried, it seems that I can actually roll more than one of my own characters, rather than recruit the NPCs? Wow, I'm very impressed. Had I known about this earlier, I would have rolled up a rogue to accompany my wizard main!

    One thing though, are the hireling adventurers permanent? And what's the point in hiring them if I can get NPCs?

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