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  1. Oustanding Game even if the online authentication and offline mode (that requires you to have an internet connection anyway) are ludicrous. But yeah I've had an amazing time. just getting into designing custom sprays now :blink:


    Good luck with Bloodlines. i think I posted on another thread a while back that i got no problems with 1GB of physical memory.. I have to retract that now, as I just started replaying as anohter clan. I got no problems on 1GB of memory for the first hour to hour and half of gameplay. then it just grinds to a halt. got a 128MB Graphics card 1800XP processor, Soundblaster Audigy (I think these are respectable specs, not top of the range but not too shabby) have fully defragged everything, and cleaned up the drives, got 3 GB of swapfile space. And still it is choppy. This is on on the minimum settings and lowest resolution, with no hardware sound. (And theres not many settings to alter anyway).


    Personally I reckon if Troika had the time and support HL2 had with patches half these issues could have been fixed, as by all accounts HL2 didn't have the best of starts, a lot of similar issues have been fixed now.


    Oh yeah and if you don't already know what they are going on about with dog, well you will soon. one of my favourite supporting cvharacters ina game for a while :thumbsup:

  2. I believe there was a post about a day ago saying it is still on its way. in the end there have been updates, probably one per week or two but its hard keeping abreast of them in the quagmire of speculation about 'how crap the patch' is going to be and 'obsidian sucks' etc ad finitum.


    Thing is the post was as before, 'sorry we are working on getting it released but its really in LAs hands now.'

    Which to some of us is, albeit a little dissapointing, an acceptable answer.


    To others this translates as 'screw you Mr Customer, we have not moved mountains in order to placate your righteous fury at being sold a steaming dog turd, one which we have forcefed you without chutney no less.'

  3. the fact that obsidian are so tight lipped about the patch is a joke, seriously, how much could it hurt to ****ing inform people as to how close the patch is to release or atleast how its coming along


    Its not like one guy working on the patch or somebody with knowledge about the subject couldn't go to the forums and take 5 minutes out of his life to tell all the fans and people they have let down who've been waiting for the thing for months


    Maybe there's stuff happening they can't talk about ...diclosure agreements and all that. *shrugs* either way I said it before and I said it again. Constant updates still won't keep some people happy. They'll still be unhappy because it wasn't released the day they had a problem, and a daily repeat of 'its not coming out yet, it will be soon' is only going to make them more annoyed, invite flame attacks against devs. and generally fuel the fires.


    If I were the devs, I'd probably keep fairly quiet until I have something to actually tell the customers. :sorcerer:

  4. I think HaloII was worse. The ending was very sudden I really wasnt expecting it to end at that point because there was no real end battle of note.


    KOTOR II at least had an ending which felt like it was going to end.


    To an extent yeah i think you're right. If you were to argue which cliffhanger was closer to 'Luke gets his hand chopped off, Hand gets sent off in carbonite and the whole 'I am your father' thing.' KOTOR2 was much more effective, even if it did seem rushed. I expect if a more of the loose ends had been tied off from the storyline, with only a few more left, there would have been less of a feeling that you must have missed a chunk of the game. I didn't feel KOTOR 2 ended at a bad point. Just that I had this nagging feeling there was another level or two I should have been to first.


    Halo 2 felt like watching a tv program where they didn't show the last part after the commercial break. Nothing was really resolved. Not saying i didn't have a blast though. I just felt with Halo 2 they tried to be clever and fell flat, because basically they didn't know how to leave it.


    I never felt that with KOTOR2 I think it shone throughout the game where they wanted to take it. which is why so many of us got a feeling something was missing.

  5. well, you can't really "see" the electrons... hehe... waaay too small ;)




    LOL (w00t) ok smart ass


    OK what I saw was the energy emmitted by the electron hitting the end of the cathode ray tube. and I know it was a single electron initially cos we had a cathode ray oscilloscope to show the firing of each. But to be honest it was like 15 years ago. Mostly what I remember is thinking. Cool. :-

  6. Electrons can exist in two places at once. if you fire a stream of single electrons through a cathode ray tube at regular intervals, say 1 every second, passing through a slit the size of the electron, the electron acts in the same way as a beam of light passing through a gap of its wavelength, and splits. appearing in two places.


    Therefore electrons are particles and waves at the same time. I have seen this. it is true. beats me though.

    i believe you are referring to photons... the particle/wave theory of light is well documented. electrons are particles, and their apparent ability to exist in more than one place is not due to wave nature. it is due more to statistical probabilities, akin to schroedinger's cat.




    you're probably right. I definitely saw a single electron appear in two places. Maybe that was what it was. *looks manic* but I did see it.. I DIIIID

  7. I have the first part of the Ep3 comic book. Its difficult to decide if Ill read it now or save it, if i read it now the film is spoiled. But if I see the film first, reading the comic will be pointless.


    Hmmmm. honestly. I'd wait for the film if I was you, cos in the end Star Wars is about the films, everything else is secondary.


    Must be difficult though.


    I feel your pain in a way, I bought World of Warcraft a month ago and its sat on my shelf in the wrapper cos I am not opening it till I have all my coursework out of the way. That's been an effort of will, i can tell you.

  8. It's always entertaining watching arguments on message boards. What experience has shown is that the argument will continue indefinately because neither side will ever admit to being wrong. I have witnessed arguments where members have had facts contradicting them thrown in their face and they still refuse to admit defeat or admit that they were wrong. Arguing over the internet is so pointless and idiotic it makes me wonder about the mentality of the offenders, especially when they appear to be intelligent but continue to act like 3 year olds who found their GI Joe with the kung-fu grip broken and are determined to take their angst out on someone.


    ... We haven't even got to one party accusing the other of being Nazis yet. We still have a long way to go ...




    On that note.... some of you may enjoy this


    not for the easily offended. then again if you read this far through the thread you can't be :)


    How to win any argument over the internet



  9. The belief that harakiri means suicide in japanese is according to my friend (who's japanese) wrong.  Harakiri means to cut your stomach, but suicide is something else.



    Seppuku, I believe.


    Shiitake means meshroom in Japanese, so Shiitake mushroom is redundant.


    Silver has the highest conductivity of all metals. Pure gold is so soft, it can be molded with your bare hands.


    Nitron is C20H16N4, but that is not the source of my name, merely a coincidence. Other names for Nitron are: 4-Diphenyl-endoanilino-dihydrotriazole; 1,4-diphenyl-3-anilino-1H-1,2,4-triazolium hydroxide; 3,5,6-triphenyl-2,3,5,6-tetraazabicyclo(2.1.1)hex-1-ene. Sweet. :D


    Sushi is rice.


    Sashami is raw fish


    (maybe everyone knows tht i dunno, but I didn't till i ate at a sushi restaurant last year) :ermm:

  10. The Luke and Leia scene is to be an interesting piece but its one I dread entirely as I heard Padme is supposed to wear long and outlandish (even moreso) dresses that coverup her pregnancy and such -- plus you have to remember the Leia-rembering-her-mother scene in which she is sad and it just has to be sold perfectly... otherwise, I just dread it entirely.


    Lord Satasn: No. No, no, and no. You criticise me for posting like a juvenile and then you stooped below my level (which wasn't really even low to begin with and where you were in the first place) by calling me a whore of the forums and all that other crap that is painfully delivered.


    But I'll give you something concerning my rudeness and other such traits you find worthy of your prepubescent hatred: I have never seen a forum such as this one in which such a big group of idiots exists, and while generally I'm pro-life, never in my years have I seen such a group begging this hard to be aborted.



    :ph34r: You don't want to eat me, eat my brother, he's much fatter

  11. There was a scene or two with those lame-o banking clan or techno-organic union goofs, so you never know :)


    Oh no. i can see it now.....





    The Revenge Of The Sith


    It is a dark time for the Republic ,projected Government

    profits for the fiscal year have proven to have been

    markedly overstated. As a result income tax

    will increase by 1.5% per head and the

    C3PO won't be able to afford a new golden shin for

    his right leg. It was pawned by ANAKIN SKYWALKER

    to pay for repairs to his bedroom after a tantrum

    he had last week over how nothing ever went his way.


    OBI WAN KENOBI, Jedi Master, and Anakins

    mentor, has been unable to afford a decent

    haircut in weeks; and has taken to sporting a

    natty beard in the hope of scrounging some

    credits while busking on the Coruscant Underground

    Meanwhile, MACE WINDU has embarked on a

    personal quest to seek the truth behind SENATOR PALPATINES

    increased dutytax on the Big Banthapoodoo Burger.


    Unbeknownst to the JEDI, Senator Palpatine

    has been creaming the profits to buy himself a pimped up

    Personal Skiff with Bantha leather seats and wookie fur

    steering wheel, and bearing the window sticker,

    'Honk if you like it Darksyde'.


    The Saga continues as YODA arrives on Tattooine

    accompanied by JAR JAR BINKS, intent on pimping the

    Gungan out to JABBA THE HUT


    Oh yeah, and theres some war going on.

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