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  1. I can't stand this ****ing game anymore. It's nobody's fault in particular, but I finally found the free time six weekends ago to start going through white march content.


    Six weekends later, I'm done. I made it to the abbey of the fallen moon, and I don't understand why you made all of these fights so ****ing ****ty. In general, The White March is literally what I would call "GM to player antagonism". Nothing was fun about any of the fights in the game, the encounters filled with ludicrous AI that makes no sense(enemies literally comitting suicide to attack my back line multiple times) and constantly, no fun allowed, ****ty fights. The high abbot is a monster and it's not really in the way that I found fun. I'm so bored of having my tactical positions get completely shuffled around and my party killed in seconds. I am so done with this ludicrous idea of what is supposed to constitute a fair encounter. The alpine dragon was the single biggest "**** you" I have ever seen in a video game, ever, when the shades spawned I just reloaded and never went back.


    Who the **** do you think you are, Obsidian? Do you think this is fun? It's ****ing boring. I won't be buying Tyranny or backing any further Pillars video game projects unless you can get your ****ing idiot game designers under control. Make the games fun for everybody. 


    The white march was literally and factually one of the worst purchases I have ever made, and you're either going to ignore my complaints or mock me. You don't give a **** about your customer's enjoyment. 

    So good job. You antagonized me. You made me mad. You broke me upon the wheel. If you care at all about demographics, less than 5% of your fanbase has finished the base game, and its lower for the white march. 


    Maybe if the White March was actually a fun adventure and not literally just a developer making garbage encounters literally and factually designed to annoy, and not innovate, you'd see more sales and have your customers actually play them. 

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  2. I can't play in the playtest, but I actually love this idea, and if you need any help at all, I'm quite the fan of the game.  I own the guidebook, as you can see I'm a backer, and...yeah. I love this kind of crap. I'd actually sort of been working on my own homebrew, but I like your stuff much better. I'm gonna pm you my skype if you're down for some PoE TTRPG talkin.

  3. Maybe that could be the central theme of the game. Instead of the Camarilla and the Sabbat, you have a massive conflict between new age vampires who want to embrace their new pop-culture popularity, lapping up the attention they're getting from sparkly vampire media, versus the traditionalists who shun this newfound popularity and wish for a return to relative obscurity where only PnP nerds pay them any attention.


    That's already explored in the VTM material. It is flat out stated that "cool vampire" crap is made by vampires because it makes Kine more pliant to the idea. Eroticizing vampires was their smartest move. The Kiss is pleasurable, but that was just a mechanism to make you stop fighting back. Turning that **** into almost pornographic ****? Best idea ever.

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    Are u aware that u dont have 2 fight those dragon fights?


    Yeah but Adra actually contributes to the story, Sky and Other are decent enough, but the stupid Alpine Dragon is pointless.


    That being said, I want my money's worth, and I don't feel I get that with such terrible encounters.


    Adra, Sky, Other and Alpine?


    For me there were only 3 dragons: Adra, Sky and Alpine.

    Am I missing one dragon?




    Sorry, maybe the dragon in the game with the godhammer piece isn't a dragon. I popped the cheevo after killing him though!

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  5. I'm in agreement that if they were to make anything pen and paper based, they don't even need to go as far as make any game rules. 


    For the most part, PoE is DnD 2.0.. Which means you can just put your players from any D20 system (or any system depending on the work the DM/GM wants to do) into this world of lore. 


    Which I will say, this worlds lore is fantastic. I'm in agreement all they would really need to make is a lore/map book with all of that relevant information, and let the players use their own systems, instead of trying to develop their own from scratch. 


    Given the smaller market for PnP these days, and the majority of people that currently play are already in the system they like, a new world to play in would probably be a lot more attractive to people to purchase than a whole new system. 


    PnP has a big market if they went with 5E rules. They'd need to rewrite most of the classes. Fighters are tanks, Barbarians do AoE Damage, chanters would be confusing as hell etc

  6. Yeah, went through this already in the LotER forum. Chris Taylor from ZRG was long-suffering and kind with mister potty-mouth. I can't see anything he says for some good reason. 


    You really don't need to act like I abused him, I just didn't like the stupid dice or the meme pig. Soooo SORRY that I wanted the chanter cards sooner and the \kickstarter slowed enough that it looked like it wasn't gonna happen. I've been super nice to them on KS and other stuff. 


    Also if cursing upsets you that much then trigger warning, one of the dozens says the f word at the end of the second act

  7.   Well personally i enjoyed them and it took me a bit to figure out how to use every members abilities to their fullest and a little strategy and quite thrilling....if you want harder fight play on highest difficulty.


    I'm playing on hard and they're ****ing dumb. I hate them, and it's making me reconsider ever buying a PoE related product again

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