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  1. Was the relationship between Herzog and Kinski homoerotic?

    Only in as far as the relationship between Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russel was. Such quantities of masculinity are rare and unnatural.


    God, I'm sorry, I'm nursing a hungover and I watched like half of Adventureland and I almost decided to major in comparative lit and I feel like ****. I need a head pill.

  2. Aw, I'm not on the list. o:)


    I could have sworn I was above 2500. I know I was above 2000 at the very least. It's odd knowing that I have more posts here than I did at BIS.

    It's okay, Deraldin, you'll always be above 2500 in my heart.

  3. Fables it is, then. Oh sure, I want to make sweet, figurative love to BKV's waxed head, I mean - please - who doesn't? But I don't a pull a Fanatic Ferdinand, and read everything he's ever written. I have to think ahead to all those lonely nights. I'm just happy he's stopped writing for shows I don't watch, so he can start working on scripts that will never get made.

  4. Uh, I can't even remember the last film I saw... the latest Harry Potter, maybe? It was alright and the best since The Prisoner of Azkaban, but the gay subtext was kind of smothering. I halfway expected Harry to drop to his knees and perform mouth-to-mouth on Ron. Still, you can't argue against underage drinking and homoerotic tutoring. Felt a bit like a British new-wave film.





  5. Mclusky, definitely. My Dad is bigger than your Dad, He's got eight cars and a house in Ireland - Sing it; My love is bigger than your love - Sing it; My love is bigger than your love - SING IT!!


    I actually sometimes sing that to myself when I go for a run without my cell phone.


    Future of the Left; Wrong-era Nomeansno; Against Me!; Bombs over Baghdad, Outkast; The Decline, NoFX.


    I kind of like running to Neutral Milk Hotel, but... yeah.

  6. I've been trying to get my voodoo on for meta. There's a whole lot of smoke, and burnt human flesh smells funny, but I don't think it's working.


    I'm probably gonna need some ointment. Like, silvadene.

  7. You haven't been in here ages

    Yeah, like I was gonna miss a chance to post less than 10 words.


    And by the way, my post should've been beneath Walsy's. No sexist.

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