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  1. I am with LadyCrimson. I am loving PoE (and would love PoE2) but I too would like to see OE try something different as well. Personally, I wanna see them try something that hasn't really been done too often. Maybe dial in some Buck Rodgers and do a Sci Fi themed isometric, TB, party based cRPG. Instead of a stronghold they can have an upgradable space cruiser/colony thing (Battlestar Galactica like or some such). Or maybe do something akin to Deadlands (post-apoc + old west). Or maybe something similar to Solomon Kane. Or Ravenloft. Basically, do a gutsy setting that is significantly different than typical high fantasy.


    Don't get me wrong. PoE is great and I think its on par with BG2. I just would love to see them do something less traditional.


    They do have the Pathfinder license. I'd love to see a proper turn based game utilizing Pathfinder ruleset+maybe a new setting since the Pathfinder setting itself is very cookie cutter.


    Cities: Skylines currently has several mods available for it, created by users, while Pillars of Eternity will receive an expansion in the coming months along with a sequel in the future.

    What? Is a sequal officially stated? I didn't know that.


    There was something on bluesnews a week or two back that an expansion is coming/in the works already.



    Yeah the expansion is confirmed. I remember it being mentioned that it might come out around summer. The sequel thing from OP's article though is news to me, I know Obsidian has said they'd like to do a sequel but I don't think it has been confirmed anywhere but word like that from the publisher is pretty big.

  3. Yeah, of course I know that. Publishers, and demographic studies... and lots and lots of metrics. All the stuff that creativity is born of.


    But no where on the entire planet did any "anomalies" slip through for more than a decade? It's kind of crazy when you consider how much greatness was just waiting to be created.


    Well one big thing was that these games were mostly made using the D&D license but that was stuck in a limbo/legal battle for years thanks to Atari. So that didn't help either.

  4. Josh said they want to do this for the expansion/sequel, but there wasn't time or budget for it in the main game.


    (Personally I prefer to play the game myself.)


    Most of the AI packs in IE games were useless but I agree that some of the basic ones make a huge difference to quality of life. There's a lot of stuff to keep track of in fights as it is so I often find myself really missing the basic AI scripts like Standard attack or Ranged. Currently after casting a spell your party members will just stand around so in the heat of battle it's very easy to miss your Cipher isn't actually doing anything after he finished his spell.

  5. What the hell is Gamefags?



    The site people used for years and years for information on their games. These days hint/let's play/walkthrough videos have taken a lot away from the site but for a long time it was the site to go to for game walkthroughs. Lots of dedicated people did their best to find all the little details in games and write comprehensive guides for them. Hell it's still probably the best place for things like Infinity Engine game guides, the Baldur's Gate 2 etc. FAQ's are ridicously comprehensive.

  6. Say, does anyone know where you can find the game files when the preload is completed? I usually find my installed Steam games in E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common but I cannot see it anywhere. I was going to take a peak inside to see if I could already find the soundtrack files in there (probably not). So where o where are those  6 gigs of data hidden?


    They're in a big encrypted file on the depotcache folder until the release. 

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    Obsidian seem to have hurled copies of this game at streamers who, frankly, do little credit to the product. I imagine this is a scattergun approach (no pub is bad pub) but it leads to the situation the OP describes


    Afaik Obsidian just gave some 1k Steam keys to Paradox who are in charge of handing out/deciding who gets the press release. Paradox seems to have handed out keys to a lot of the same streamers who did streams for their other recent release, Cities:Skylines.

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  8. I wonder if there is a tutorial popup about things like engagement etc.?


    I don't think so which is why these streams do actually highlight some of the issues with the game. Yes a lot of the streamers/let's players are quite bad but the game itself doesn't always give info that is vitally needed. Even if you read the manual it may not be easy for a new person looking at countless classes, abilities and talents to remember some small note about an engagement system and what that means from a gameplay perspective. 


    Also a lot of people have played Infinity Engine games recently thanks to the Enhanced Editions, in those games running away and kiting are very prevalent tactics. Then they come to this game and think things work the same, especially since there's no 'Attack of Opportunity' indicator like in Neverwinter Nights/ToEE games. So their no armor wizard tries to run away from the big bad enemy and gets destroyed by engagement attacks.

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