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  1. A) to visualize an ideal self (Cleric, Priest, Paladin)


    B) mechanics (Ranger, Cleric, Paladin); class archetype (Wizard, Rogue, Druid) 


    I'm just curious to see what your primary reasons are for choosing the character class/classes that you do. 


    For the vast majority of us it will of course be a combination of all of these factors to some degree, but is your primary preference on a first playthrough:


    a) To visualise an 'ideal self' manifested in the game world, or to create a totally different character not related to the 'real world' you?


    b) The classes mechanics and practical play-style? Or primarily your visualisation of what that class represents as an archetype and manifestation of a personality in the game world?




    I tend to find that my first play-throughs I like to imagine myself (or a variation of myself) immersed in the world of the game, in this case Eora.  Then on second playthrough as an almost polar opposite character to explore alternative storyline archs and also just for fun and something different.


    I also tend to place more emphasis on roleplaying and place more weight on what a character represents, so tend to go for Paladins and similar classes on first playthrough.  
    Where from a gameplay mechanic perspective I tend to prefer spell-casters.

  2. I just don't get any messages. Rogue walks up to a door and nothing. Whether it's in that Cultist ruins, or the Inn, or the Tannery... So I'd guess that might slide this more into a bug then a "I have no clue what I'm doing" avenue... :shifty:


    I'm getting the same experience, mechanics are 10+

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