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  1. I found her rather annoying with all the nagging, but she grew on me and was a lot better once she had lightened up a bit. I may not have liked it, but it fit the character and I'd rather have a realistic character than one I like (for example, I really dislike Kreia, but she's still one of my all-time favourites just because she was written well enough to make me dislike her). Overall, I think Bastila's a well-written character.


    Oh, and you can't go wrong with Jennifer Hale. Great VA.

  2. My main problem is that I really don't know what happened in the game. I mean, sure, I got theories (several), but I'm the one doing most of the writing there. I shouldn't have to. KotOR1 had a fairly generic plot, bad guy wants to rule universe, hero stop him (or replace him as may be the case), end of story. Not very original perhaps, but it was a clear and acceptable plot and stories like that have been told and will continue to be told for a long time, simply because it works. KotOR2 had more potential to be interesting, but it wasn't really used. Alright, so

    Kreia wants to destroy the force

    (at least, I think that's it. It's not 100% certain, and how it would be done and its implications are far from clear). The thing is, I have no idea why. I haven't played it in a while now, so to be fair, I might've forgotten or missed it, but I can't remember anything like that and the game is in a pretty sad state if the main plot doesn't stand out at all. The same goes for most characters, why do they even follow you around? Something about force bonds is mentioned, but that really just seems like a poor excuse so they won't have to bother comming up with some proper reasons. When the game was over, I had more questions than when I started. Not to mention that the ending would've been frustrating enough even if the main plot had been resolved due to the rushed feeling and complete lack of anything involving the other characters.


    Sorry, but I'm not satisfied when a game leaves me thinking "what the hell? Is that it?".

  3. Yay, a conservative pope. Everyone knows that what the catholic church needs is to be more conservative, right? And aged 78, no less. But at least he can stand up and raise his arms, judging from the pictures I've seen, and that's always something.

  4. You were offended by it? How is that even possible?


    The history of philosophy is filled with people who think they know a whole lot more than they actually do, and if you want to debate that, I'd first like to see you prove any of the philosophical theories we've seen in, oh, let's say, the last 2000 years. That should keep you busy for a while (2000 years so far and counting). Unless you can manage to do that, what we have here is a case of 2000 years worth of people who come up with wild guesses and elevate them into facts. I don't know about you, but that is close enough to being full of crap as far as I'm concerned.


    I have no problem with philosophy, but the minute you start turning it into science or using it to prove a scientific theory, you're treading on thin ice indeed.

  5. Keep in mind that science is the bastard child of philosophy...


    Depending on how you look at it, pretty much everything comes from philosophy. Math and logic, which in turn resulted in science. The difference here is that philosophy deals with, basically, the nature of reality. Science deals with reality as we perceive it. Science isn't wrong because it never claimed to be right, whereas philosophy really doesn't have a clue what it's talking about.


    Steady on there! Anyone with such a ridiculously ignorant point of view doesn't know. Fair enough that you dont subscribe to the validity of philosphy, but it has an important role in the world we live in (and beyond even?) and is the study of those who beleive that there is more to our existance than what you can read in a physics textbook.

    I will certainly not be the one to tell you what to beleive, but please try to keep an open mind, or at least keep thoughts from a closed one to yourself.


    How, exactly, does this relate to anything regarding dreams and alarm clocks? I don't have a closed mind, I merely think it's pointless to go make up a theory about how you dream because a clock is ringing when there is scientific evidence that suggest that it's not so. The study of our perceived reality should be left to science, philosophy can get anything else.

  6. For example, we think that an alarm clock interrupts a dream, but, this philsopher believes, that the dream ocurred only because of the clock ringing.


    Philosophers are generally full of crap. I've read philosophy, I should know.

    A more scientific approach; we dream all the time when we sleep. Several dreams per night usually. The reason we *remember* the dream is because it was interrupted by a clock or whatever. Dreams are forgotten very quickly, and if you're not pulled out of your sleep, you'll forget it before you wake up. Even after you've woken up in the middle of a dream, it's often very hard to remember even if it felt very vivid.

  7. I'm pretty sure if they decided to make James Bond a woman lots of James Bond fans would refuse to go see it.


    James Bond was a man from the start. So yes, changing him into a woman now would not be a very good idea. But as it stands, that's not a very good comparison.


    And hey, even if it was an unreasonable position to take, since when has the unreasonableness of a position stopped people from taking it? Take a look on the internet for people ceaselessly moaning about Elves at Helm's Deep, for example.


    Difference being that the elves at Helm's Deep was a completely unnecessary addition. It added absolutely nothing but complications. Determining what gender Revan and the exile is will open the door for books, games, movies, TV-series, toys and a whole lot of things, such as writing a story involving Revan/the exile that's actually satisfying in the end.

    Other than that, what other people do is not an excuse for what you do.

  8. I had wondered whe they would make a movie out of the Knights Templar, hopefully they'll have alot about their war with the Masons, and not do a bunch of that Crusade crap


    If they want a historically accurate movie, it would be mostly about banking and good investements...


    Anyway, Bloom is just the pretty boy of the day to me, not really good for anything except having teenage girls fawning over him for reasons that are beyond me. I have to admit that Legolas worked for him, though. There's probably better choices out there, but Legolas and Haldir were the only two elves that I thought fit. The rest just looked like humans with long hair, straining to look like elves, and I half-expected to hear Elrond go "So, we meet again, Mr. Anderson...". Arwen was okay too, but Galadriel was a real disappointment.

  9. I remember a couple of years ago they were saying it was suppose to be in 2007 after the twin brothers fall or whatever, but I guess it got pushed back to 2011. Must be a rain out or something.


    The stuff about the twin towers is, like I said before, not written by Nostradamus. He never said anything like that, though that particular quatrain borrowed several lines from other stuff he wrote.

  10. Nostradamus said a lot of things. I remember a satire where a guy took one of Nostradamus fanta... er, predictions, and used it to describe two bugs that was found in an Intel Pentium CPU. I remember reading some stuff written by a believer who said that Nostradamus predictions were so good because you had no idea until what it said until the event came around, at which point it became "crystal clear". Well, of course. Badly translated poems with vague comments and wishful thinking can make pretty much anything "crystal clear".


    Speaking of which, there are some very generous translations out there to feed the myth. He had for example written something about "Hister" involving a war, which some people translated into "Hitler". That, however, is wishful thinking, as "Hister" is the name of a region somewhere around Germany, I believe. That "Germanium" (which, I might add, is not the same and a much larger area than "Germany" would be involved in a war is no big surprise either, considering that historically speaking, the central European area has not exactly been the most peaceful of places.

  11. Last time I heard anything about it, Nostradamus didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Most of the so-called predictions I've seen "happen" so far are either blatantly false (the thing that supposedly predicted the fall of the WTC twin towers) or described in terms so broad that it'd be hard not to be correct (such as saying "there will be a great war", which is a fairly safe prediction since, historically speaking, there is a great war whenever someone with more power than he should have gets bored).


    Edit: Actually, he did know what he was talking about. That doesn't mean he knew anything about the future, though, only that he was good at guessing.

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