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Eye Alignment

Rob McGinnis


Question: Is there any reasonably simple way to change the eye alignment on head models? The eyes on most of the gnome and elf heads are very oddly placed, giving the impression that they are always squinting or looking up. Very distracting in cutscenes- the impression I get from most of the Elves is that of whiny teenagers looking sullenly up at parents while getting yelled at. I get the impression that many of the head models were built in one race and modified to fit one or more others. I am academically curious about whether I'm right about that.


I'm willing to put in the work to fix them, but I don't know where to start, and I notice there is a thread further down about someone who is having problems with custom elf heads being cross eyed. I'm wondering if this isn't similar to the twisted skins on Elf heads in NWN1- weird mesh placement?



Answer: The eyes are unique for each head. They would have to be manually rotated in the original MAX file to be more consistent with general pivot/alignment of the head. Then the entire head would have to be re-exported.


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