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Three-part Question on adding feats

Rob McGinnis


Q: Trying to modify the knockdown feat in the feats.2da and here's what I've found.

There is both a Cooldown time and also a Uses per day.



If I set a cooldown time it "works", in a sense you can only use the kd feat every X seconds (whatever you set it as) - but the problem with this, is that it doesn't give any graphical feed back to the users (for example, Rage shows a "greyed out" icon and how long you have to wait till you can reuse it again - if I modify the kd feat it doesn't show up this graphical feedback [just a message in the combat log]). Is there a way to get a "count down timer" on the feat/hotbar so the player has a visual indication of how much time is left (like the rage feat)? do I have to change another column?


uses per day

With the uses per day, that is settable. But if they use up all the uses, it removes the feat from their character I can store it as a local int and re-grant them the feat on rest, but the feat seems buggy after that (it shows up in the character screen, but the feat doesn't "activate" when you try and use it - also players have to re-equip to their hotbar which isn't a show stopper, but could be very annoying).


feat calling a script

Also would there be any way for the KD feat to call a script instead of the hard coded function? That way we could change the formula and how it works via scripting instead of using the default rules for it. Ie, when the user hit's the knockdown button to execute script "MyKnockDownScript".




A: 1. There was a bug with cooldown timers showing up, which has been fixed in an upcoming patch. If you want a feat that only has a cooldown (without uses/day), you'll need to put "-1" in the "USESPERDAY" column (not "****"). Otherwise, I had no trouble having uses/day and cooldown on the same feat.


2. I haven't had any problems with uses per day removing feats from the hotbar. If you send me your character .bic and your feat.2da, I might be able to figure out what is happening (contact me for e-mail info).


3. EffectKnockdown() is available to script. We use a 4.5 second duration for the engine-side knockdown. You could easily create a new feat (call it Trip, perhaps) that is an active feat (set "IsActive" to 1) that calls a spell script (put the script spell ID in "SPELLID").


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