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Interview Advice.

Chris Avellone


Some minor tips for interviewing... or deciding where to interview.


First off, know what you want to do. If you're not sure if you want to be a programmer or a designer, choose one and focus on that until you (1) realize you hate it, or (2) discover you love it. More than that, if you decide to be a certain discipline - art, programming, design, or production, research the field enough to know what sub-set of that discipline you want to pursue. For example, for design, knowing whether you want to pursue technical design, systems design, narrative design, etc. is important when seeking out a job in the industry.


Second, don't use a recruiter. Please. Spend an extra hour and check the game companies in your area, then apply to them on your own - if given the choice between candidates, we're less likely to go with the candidate sent via a recruiter because they have the recruiter's fee on top of the normal salary that we have budgeted for the position. If you absolutely must use a recruiter, try to do enough research to choose one wisely - there's certain recruiters that know the business, others that don't know the difference between production and design candidates, nor do they know the first thing about how to place a programming candidate. Popular recruiting agencies don't mean much if the recruiter you're assigned to is a junior or is new to the industry.


Third, good samples and a good cover letter can overcome work experience. You may not get hired as a senior, but if you have a good set of samples and a passionate, well-written cover letter, that's sometimes enough to land a junior position.


Fourth, even if studios don't list a position, don't be afraid to apply anyway. They may be 2 weeks from posting their ad for a position when your resume suddenly pops into their inbox.





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