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I must say... That I've been expecting too much

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The first thing I was going to do when I got into south park is to explore Token's house. I mean, this talented bass player and excellent singer, and his luxury bedroom....

but this is an invalid place, so as the shopping mall.

And those handicapped kids? those ugly kids? where did they go?

Where do those girls live as well as their parents?

 is towellie getting high around some corner of street? Still towellie is my hatest character in south park.

And doctor mephesto....havent seen him for ages.

I miss those people, they're also part of this town.

I'm just hoping that someday these people will come back in one dlc, but matt and trey used to say that they'll not seperate this whole story into dlcs in order to accomplish a second sale.

will they?



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Personally, I was just expecting a Paper Mario game, but with South Park instead (which it basically was, so I was happy) instead of a more sandboxy type of game.


I know they had to cut some content to finally get it out the door (the crab people it seems for example.) It sounds like if there is going to be some DLC, it will just be more costumes and missions. We'll have to see though.



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Nope. Matt and Trey thought about it 10 years ago, but felt it would be too weird, so the kids stayed in 4th grade



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Yea that's totally true. Where the hell are they now ;/

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