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How To Modify An Element in the Dictionary Class?

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How To Modify An Element in the Dictionary Class?
C# has this cool Dictionary class that you can use like a Hash Table. Is there a way of changing the value of an indexed element without resorting to removing it like this?

int value = runningcount[city];
runningcount.Add(city, ++value);




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I have no idea why you're using that horrible proprietary rip-off of Java (which I also don't have too many kind words for) when even Microsoft themselves have ditched it in favour of a return to C++, but that's just me being a language snob. But I would recommend you focus on learning Python and C++ instead. Between those two languages you've got a super powerful toolset for tackling pretty much any problem, and as an added benefit, you can embed them in each other so you can use both at once to solve a single problem. Obviously Python's strength is scripting and rapid prototyping, while C++'s strength is power, ubiquity, and performance.

Anyway the answer is yes.

runningcount[city] = runningcount[city] + 1;

BTW: the Dictionary class isn't like a hash table, it is a hash table.

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