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So my first character in POE 2 is your, typical good guy, he helps everyone and generally tries to please everyone. I'm currently on good terms with all factions, even the Principi pirates and my problem is, I can't find anyone to engage in ship combat. From my understanding, all NPC ships are part of one of the factions, but if I'm on good relations with all factions, no one will attack me? I managed to get attacked by a slaver once but that was it. I don't want to attack pirates either since I want to stay on good relations with all factions (if that is possible). 

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From what I've seen, attacking people at sea has no impact on your relationship with their respective faction. I imagine the thought process was something along the lines of,  If you kill them all or sink their ships, there's no one to inform the faction that you did so. If it does have an impact, its definitely minor as I've attacked pretty much every single ship in the game so far and none of the factions have locked me out of their quests or anything yet.

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One thing to note is that the ships are finite. One you take down every ship there is, that's that. You're the only captain in the region :D Wish the factions got regular reinforcements..


Same here. Would be good to have more ships out there. Doesn't have to be unique ships like the bounties and such, but just a random Vailian Galleon and suchlike that you can take down without getting a bounty or standard.


Thankfully I still have many ships to go after, but it would be cool and fit the theme of the game to have regular reinforcements so that the seas don't become nigh on empty.

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