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Too easy to increase dispositions and too difficult to increase companion reputation?

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I have a lot of maxed dispositions and a lot of them have gone up despite me playing super good (I'm Cruel:1 for some reason) meanwhile my companions struggle to go up in reputation. A lot of them are stuck at 1 despite me pleasing them in every other conversation option.


Is there some bug I'm unaware of or is the system just a bit flawed?

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Dispositions have theorhetically been fixed in the patch that just dropped, I believe companion relations are pending.

That's nice and all expect the change isn't retroactive...

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Sacrificing a companion to this shrine provides you the Effigy Doll item. It's a one-use item, summoning a creature called the Effigy of Skaen. It's a little underwhelming for the loss of a companion.

For those looking for the island:

It's located slightly north-east of Poko Kohara, area is called Wapua Jungle.


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