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Heart of Winter apparently has us going into The Beyond, so that's at least one opportunity to make a more dungeon-like scene.

Heart of Winter?? Are we going to Icewind Dale?!?!  :dancing:



Lol BEAST of Winter. Currently playing IWD:EE, so yeah... :-

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I feel you op, We had a couple of interesting dungeon dives in POE 1 but POE II seemed to only include a few caves and locations with maybe a couple floors. My main party has come together with everyone finally well suited to their given role in the party (nice synergy of gear+abilities) about the time I'm wrapping up my bounties and other side quests. I actually put the game down for months at this point as I was afraid the ride would end the moment I proceeded through the storm in striving toward the stories conclusion. Suffice it to say by the end of the game my characters still had room to grow as I still had not unlocked all the abilities for all my characters and yet I ran out of things to do. Worse yet I ran out of things to do just as I was becoming satisfied with how my party was coming together. I never really got to enjoy attacking any challenges/content with the party I had spent so many hours building. 

  I ended up using an older save game to go back through the game and look to see if I had missed any encounters or locations on the off chance I could find something to do with this team of bad asses. (to no avail)
  So, I finally have this great team but nothing for them to do. Which brings me to this topic of discussion. Maybe we could get a random dungeon "play ground" as a DLC just to have some where to go and have some fun with your party outside of the principle content? Could even make it interesting by building in challenges and achievements? 
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I'd argue that Beast of Winter gave us a pretty solid dungeon dive - not in the style of Diablo or endless paths (a good thing, imo), but at least as a focused multi-level story centered on a single location. The Beyond/White Void may not have been a traditional dungeon, but it still scratched that "delving" itch. I don't know if the arena DLC is going to feature any long-form dungeons from what I've seen so far, but the final DLC still might.

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The mage tower that Arkemyr sends you out to investigate would have been a great dungeon opportunity. Not all dungeons have to be underground - I would have loved to go up level by level, solving puzzles or skirting traps to get the top, but instead I just fight some guys on the ground floor, search some bookcases, and take the stairs immediately to the roof. The fight up top is a nice surprise, but it would've been even better if I'd had to really work to get there..

Yeah, 2-3 extra levels would have been good on your way up to the top.

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There are no big dungeons in the game, sadly the maps in the game are all small in repeat far too many times. It makes exploration maeaningless since you will allways see the same maps with random enemies.


And most optional combat encounters are basically just "here is an empty room, here are some enemies, go fight them."  Even the bounty hunt quests are largely all just this - crazy undead-making chick at the start?  She's at the top of a hill, there is no line of sight/high ground advantage in the game, there are no other terrain features; walk up the hill and punch her until she stops.  Crazy metal fire-priest guy?  Him and his buddies are standing in a prayer circle in an open field, there is like one or two bushes that break line of sight, nothing else.  There's a bounty that sends you to go kill a drake and its xaurip adherents.  You get there and your party and their group literally line up across from each other in an open field with no terrain features and the fight just randomly starts.  When you combine that with the forced limitations on player tactics through Priests, Druids, etc having extremely small spell pools compared to Pillars (where they got EVERY spell at each level and had to pick the right tool for the job from that list), it really does result in basically every optional combat encounter playing nearly identically to every other... and further contributes to the unavoidable feeling I get from Deadfire that "wow they really just ****ing half-assed this didn't they??"

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