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"...and a spell of its own to enhance the overall atmosphere of the Deadfire! I also loved how one tavern tune was influenced by one of those from Baldurs Gate and even used for one of the ship melee fights. Just wanted to say thank you Obsidian and especially archmage Justin Bell."
Edwin Odesseiron said to the crowd.

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I have noticed the improvement in the music. Not to say the music in the first game was bad, it was good, but it seems to stand out more in Deadfire. There seems to be more variation between the tracks as well. From someone who knows next to nothing about music, two thumbs up!

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Yeah, PoE1's combat music was its weakest point, but here Justin Bell has outdone himself! The music really fits the game in all sorts of ways.

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I love the main theme, opening the game with the Obsidian and Versus Evil splashes...  pumps me up to get in there!  :thumbsup:


Enjoying what I hear throughout the entire game. Both PoEs have top notch sounds (tracks/effects/ambient), all of it.


Well done Mr. Bell and thank you sir.

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Another vote for Deadfire's music here, and for its combat music too. I personally enjoy the more rhythmic, comparatively understated and organic feel they've gone with for them this time around, I feel it's lending a lot more personality to the combat this time around than with the first game.

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