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Beta Build 86+ First time entering boat, crew issue



Started a new game on Beta 86, though before entering the ship, Beta 89 came out so I'm actually on that.

When entering my ship for the first time, the following happened:


Unfortunately I overwrite the save where it happened and having tried to recreate it, I failed (second attempt everyone was positioned as normal):

I can tell you that eventually they moved away from that spot and all was well again (so very minor).


One more thing:

On my previous playthroughs I received a dark grey cloak:



This time however, I got the royal deadfire company cloak:



No idea if this is intended and part of the "poe1 import fixes"? (I always import my game)

But it was something new so I figured I'd add it  :)



To clarify, the cloak is the one you get when you first enter your ship.

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