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Lets talk about Berath's Blessings and Curses

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Played through the game on PotD and found it extremely easy. With the recent talks of devs making difficulty harder on Veteran and PotD, I thought it'd be cool to throw down ideas for challenges and negative blessings. Would be weird to call them blessings or even curses by Berath, so could call them Woedica's Curses, for example. Name doesn't matter at this point.


I think they should still cost points from the shared blessing/curse pool and not give negative points, so completing challenges still matters. And they should remain relatively simple in line with blessings, since modifiers are easier to change than adding more enemies, for example. I still hope they re-adjust encounters and numbers for PotD. Would be really cool to see more challenges that would require you to take curses worth of 30 points and complete the game on PotD, or take specific curses and do the same.


Here's just some examples:


-Starts without gear or money

-Skill checks are harder

-Shop prices are increased

-Earn less XP

-Enemies have more health

-Enemies deal more damage

-Cannot buy a new ship

-Limits party size to 3 (or less)


They could be a lot crazier as far as I'm concerned. Any other cool ideas for negative blessings? Or even positive ones. I really do hope they add them sooner than later, and up the difficulty greatly on PotD. Plus give us the achievements to go with that change.


Suggestions from other people:


-Can recruit only base companions

-Resting works only in an inn

-All shops have only the most basic supplies

-No auto-healing when out of combat

-May not use consumables)

-Attributes suffer -2 penalty

-Resurrection is disabled

-Summons are disabled

-Characters can only be healed 250% health within a single encounter

-No over penetration

-Make the ship aspect harder by adding generic spawns or increasing crew needs

-You start out with a raft instead of the Defiant

-All NPCs are hostile


EDIT. Edited out the points.

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Can't think of anything right now but I just want to agree with this.


Resting only in an inn is a good one actually. I'm tempted to just try some of these self imposed, since the game is a bit of a joke. I'm on veteran and haven't died once, in the first game I died quite a few times.


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-2 to all attributes (the opposite of the +2 to all atrributes), It'd be interesting to find builds of characters with 12 less stat points to spend. I know I can do it now, but this kind of goes on to the next point.


Incentivise the curses somehow. Make curse specific items that can only be obtained if your net curse points is in the negative, this probably doesn't make too much sense, but I'm sure some of you understand what I'm trying to get at

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Slavemaster: crew doesn't get daily wages, consumes only half the food, but loses 5 moral every day


Generous Captain: daily wages are tripled, food costs doubled


Improvise: Whenever succeeding a skill check gain -1 on used skill until resting


Focused: Whenever succeeding a skill check gain +1 on used skill until resting


Ancient Machinery: All sigils are indestructible


Talismans: Start game with 1 of every wardstone


Volatile Powder: Gunpowder barrels explode when player character comes in range


Smugglers Surprise: Instead of exploding, gunpowder barrels summon a random (player level) creature when dieing

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