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So I'm considering a Pathfinder: Rogue(Trickster or nothing) + Druid(shifter) as my watcher and main tank


The plan is to abuse the hell out of the free heals from shifting forms to just face tank all the damage while using rogue abilities to setup sneak attacks on target.  Did a quick test and trickster's illusion "spells" are treated as abilities for the purpose of shifter's penalty, hurrah for 10 free instant heals and mirror image+riposte


Looks decent on paper, but the paper leaves out some information I'm hoping to get from people around here


First and most important, Does the heal from form shifting scale, and if so from what?   I assume might since might scales all the other healing, but is there anything else, Character level(ideal but not expected) Power level(expected) or Max HP(Could be fun).   This is more or less the crux of the build and I'd hate to be level 14 and find out my main trick is no longer keeping up.


Second, do passives that don't specifically mention shifted forms effect shifted forms?  the big ones here being riposte, dirty fighting and two-weapon style(every form available to shifter dual-wields)


Lastly, any suggestions on druidic spells?  Stat spread is going to be very INT heavy for shift duration, and very perception heavy for landing afflictions and its relying on a lot of passives and rogue tools,  in the build I kinda spec'd out there's only room for ~7 druid spells beyond what's auto-granted so gotta be very judicious on which ones i pick.


side note:  which wildstrike element holds up best throughout the game?

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Don't have the answers to all the questions, but yes passives should apply in animal form. You should be able to verify with DW by shifting and right clicking on the "weapons" and looking at the details re: attack speed.

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