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See topic. I've got a soft spot for psychic kickpunchers, and I'm curious about people's experiences with or thoughts on them.

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If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

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I thought a Soul Blade / Helwalker would be a really neat High DPS melee character.  Found it really effective until I got to my first boat battle, and was blown apart.  I was trying an unarmored build, and it was my first attempt, so maybe lacked some knowledge.  Found a Berserker / Helwalker to be much more viable, with a much higher Con, and armor at Low Levels.


End of the day, it could have just been bad building / inexperience, but at low levels felt very Glass Cannon.

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Ranged Helwalker/Ascendant is pretty awesome. Lightning Strikes, Duality, Thunderous Blows, Enduring Dance, etc on the monk side of things. With Draining Whip and the blunderbuss that has the built in aoe damage and one of the scepters with an extra jump or something like that, you cap your focus super fast if any enemies are close together. I'm sure it'd be really strong with long pain and turning wheel too, especially for single target, but I haven't messed around with that yet. Definitely a bit squishy but its easily manageable if you're playing with a party with a tank/melee or two and something that can give you some heals. Good damage, good cc and debuffs. I'd definitely recommend it.

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Played through the game on PotD with a Helwalker/Streetfighter and it wasn't nearly as squishy as I thought it would be. After getting some dmg reduction on low health and legendary heavy armor he was unkillable. Synergy isn't as good but I think Helwalker/Soul Blade should also work, just needs some heavy armor I think. Although the difficulty changes might change it's viability quite a bit.

From runs I did in backer beta Helwalker seems to synergize incredibly well with any caster class if you want to go that route. Dance of death gives you wounds without taking damage +12ACC and you get all the sweet monk self buffs. Could go Helwalker/Ascendant. Or why not Shattered Pillar too and I'm sure Beguiler and basic Cipher work just as well. These would be ranged builds by nature though I think.

So in short: I'm sure Cipher/Monk is very strong no matter how you build it, because monk self buffs just are so insane.

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