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i think wizard/ranger with gunner talent (-20% reload) and fleet feet (+5dex and more stride). With the dual wield talent on top and wearing light armor you can get really fast attack speed.

You can also go chanter and get the reload speed chant if you don’t like ranger, but it will be available a bit later than the gunner perk.

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I can imagine three different approaches (without consumables):


- Ranger/Streetfighter with dual pistols + modal + Two Weapon Style + Gunner gettng flanked for persistent speed boost


- Barbarian/Streetfighter with dual pistols + modal + Two Weapon Style + Frenzy + Bloodlust + Blood Thirst + getting flanked for even higher speed after casting Frenzy and after killing blows


- Barbarian/Ranger with dual pistols + modal + Two Weapon Style + Frenzy + BLoodlust + Blood Thirst + Gunner - no need to get flanked.


I'm sure there are other nice combos. With a chanter for example. But a chanter can be added to the above as well. Same with DEX-inspirations.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Haven't tried myself, but a couple of builds could offer fast gunplay as I see it:

- A Black Jacket fighter with 4 weapon sets all equipped with dual pistols, fire twice, switch, fire twice, switch etc. Ofcourse this ends at some point

- I am myself considering testing a gun ranger multiclassed with chanter troubadur for enduring lingers. Ranger has an ability to decrease reload time and the chanter has a chant which lowers it even further

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There is a +5 acc and -20% gun reload hat too. I'm using that + Maias -20 reload armor and the legendary gun that gets 75 action speed for 20s. Even though she uses a rifle she is a machine gun with over 100 accuracy. Didn't try her for a long time since I didnt have any nice items for her and now she is 3 levels(9 acc) below the rest of the party but still the most reliable member on the team. Been trying to make Serafen a double pistol cipher but even though he can shoot faster than Maia he can't aim for **** compared to her, much harder to build a good pistol dual wielder than a good rifle shooter.

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