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Hi !


I choose to add Pallegina to my party. Unfortunately I picked her as a Paladin and she's kind of useless for now ...


Playing on potd, party is lvl 7 with :

- Eder as a Swashbuckler (dual saber)

- Xoti as a Contemplative (fist)

- Teheku as druid

- Watcher as an Herald (saber + shield)


How should I build Pallegina ? She's doing almost no damage for the moment and I don't really need her to tank. Should I switch from 2H to dual ? Is so, with which weapons ?


bonus question : what do you think of Xoti as a contemplative ? 


Thanks !







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You could try to make her 2H with the buffs for other people. She still won't be the greatest in terms of damage, but alas she can make your other damage dealers stronger. 


I'd go for Glorious Beacon-> Inspired Beacon (for +40% damage increase), Virtuous Triumph to regain resources, Exalted Focus for Accuracy/Crit to Hit. Shared Flames to once more increase the damage for the group and maybe Zealous Exhortation or Hastening Command, which you prefer. She won't be a great damage dealer, but she'll increase your overall damage by a lot while likely being able to hold her own.



As for Xoti as a contemplative... 


At level ~8 I regret having her as a single class Priest, because with Swift Flurry and certain bows she'd do great'ish damage next to being able to buff.

At level 16 I was glad I had her as a single class Priest, because Spark the Souls of the Righteous is a very strong spell that managed to do some 200'ish AoE damage every 3 seconds for a minute if empowered and doesn't friendly fire.

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That's what I've been considering, making her a herald (paladin/chanter) + two-handed weapons. Yeah the damage won't be the best, but the utility is there. 


I'm no expert on multiclassing and what are the best class mixes.  But a pally/chanter combo certainly sounds like a super-support mix, two classes whose primary purpose seem to be for party support.

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