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I was remaking to the extent that I can but it seems like it removed some of the talents I got through interactions. I can't find the one for Dozen's Luck (the talent you get by playing the dice game in Stalwart's Inn), even in the wikia (gamepedia?). 


Thanks in advance!



A little bit of commentary about a low Might, melee Chanter is appreciated as well. I'm planing to carry over a 12/10/10/16/16/14 Chanter (to be a Herald) in Deadfire. It certainly feels viable, but viable to what extent? 

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You can look it up in the prefabs folder of your game. I'm not at home atm. If I were I'd look it up...


If you can't find it I will answer later when I got home.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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