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Hey there.


I want to play in my first playthrought as a Rogue. Can't decide between pure Rogue (Assassin) or Mindstalker (Assassin, Cipher). 

Which one does more dmg? Which one is less squishy? 

Also are there a lot of dialogue options for Cipher?


And what are other fun and viable option for Rogue multiclassing?

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I'm currently playing as a fighter (devoted) / Rogue (Assassin).


You get the durability of the fighter, combined with the lethality of the rogue.


I gave my character 18 dex, 18 per and 12 strength in order to max out his attack speed and the number of critical hits he scores. The character is also devoted to daggers for role playing purposes. At level six, this character is already doing massive damage.


It will be even more fun once this character will be able to use stealthy backstab attacks throughout combat through shadowing beyond and smoke bomb.


And later, after saving up, to buy items and / or weapons that will amplify the power of critical hits or provide special effects upon scoring critical hits.

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In all honesty I've been trying rogue with almost everything and you can make the rogue do exactly what you want depending on how you want to play it. If you're going for sneak attack burst then assassin with soulblade, bleakwalker (paladin), or barbarian are great options. If you want more of a sustained damage rogue then streetfighter with any monk, barb, fighter, paladin, shifter druid, cypher, chanter (better at range), or really any other martial class. You could do some crazy things with rogue/caster but that gets into a conversation all it's own.

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