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Eder is very likeable, sort of like a smart minsc.

This is referenced in the game, Maia asks him if he has had a head wound.


There is a blind old aumaua in The Gullet who said I was very kind to bring such a simple minded person with me. Note that Edér told me to make no noise and started to flap his arms before the old aumaua said that.

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Azarhal, Chanter and Keeper of Truth of the Obsidian Order of Eternity.

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Adds some immersion... If they didn't talk to each other and didn't react to each other's comments, it would make them less 'human' and more like pixels... you know... it adds to their personality and helps us to treat them more like actual characters and less like computer graphics.


I'm not entirely sure what this relationship system even does, other than have Xoti allegedly bite her lip and Aloth roll his eyes every other sentence.

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My impressions with ~50 hours so far


Eder: died in the initial ship battle   -.-


Aloth: I successfully converted him to be the main tank (since Eder died) with Battlemage multiclass which really shows the flexibility of the new class system. RP-wise his quest seems especially short compared to other companions.


Xoti: Priest-Monk multi starts out really bad, but as she gain levels her power grows exponentially. I'm really impressed by her combat wise after ~lv10. Another note is both her sickle and shield have great upgrade opportunities. My only issue is her quest feels very promising in the beginning but ended unsatisfactorily. 


Serafin: Barb-Cipher spec. I really like dual-wielding guns in this game and Serafin is the best companion for that role. I play a stalker-soulblade melee killing machine and I just need pain blocks and other buffs so Serafin fills this role perfectly while providing range damage. His carnage is completely wasted but I still found most of the barb abilities useful. RP-wise he is a nice little orlan pirate which I find pretty cute.


Pallegina: Left me after I killed Valera.


Maia: geomancer spec. Combat-wise really great with Arquebus and supporting speels. RP-wise her romance feels really..  short? Also left me when I decided to help Huana crown.


Teheku: I find his voice really annoying so he stays at deck until both Pallengina & Maia left me. Still don't like him.

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I found Rekke yesterday, and he's indestructible. I have him dual wiedling same as Eder, and although Eder doesn't go down, I do have to keep an eye on his health, Rekke is hardly ever missing any. Apart from that I find his gibberish hilarious and very well done. Really disappointed he's only a sidekick xD


Also, I cannot stand Maia.

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