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Favourite Shany  

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  1. 1. What's your favourite Deadfire Shanty?

    • Deadfire Lines
    • Haul Away And Go
    • Faithful Sailor
    • Heave Away My Lendry
    • Roll The Old Berath's Wheel
    • Aim Spirente

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Another Aim'Spirente fun fact!



Remember how the captain is called Parfitto? Well, guess what captain and what ship will hunt you down if you anger the Vailian Trading Company a little too much?


It's a fine three-master thin like a bird...





Question about this very fun fact:



Did his ship appear on the World Map before you ran into him, or was it a scripted interaction?


Still trying to figure out how to spawn these anti-Player ships in a game where I'm in good graces with everyone and I want to know what to be on the lookout for as I muck about with the data files and whether I'm on the right track or not.


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Appeared on the world map to the south.


He didn't actually hunt me down. He just patrolled that location. I hunted him down. But it made for a better story.


I don't think I've tried pissing off the Principi for a ship but the Huana/RDC ships appeared on the map. If you piss off the RDC the way I did you can't even avoid the fight.


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Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.
Waukeen's Berth: Make all your basic purchases at Queen's Berth.

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Faithful is the one that got stuck in my head. I've caught myself singing it once or twice without thinking.


I think I missed out on a lot of the others though. Do you need to get crew to get certain songs or do you get them all off the bat?

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Omg Faithful Sailor is the best song I've heard since I first listened to the Beatles or Catstevens! Faithfull Sailor made me cry!! It is that intense!!!!! Obsidian please dont stop good work like this!!!! Music is half the game and thats also true for movies!!!! Starwars, lord of the rings, The beach, Gottica(Michael Nyman(is a god among men))!!!!!!,Dazed and Confused, Romeo and Juilet(Bozlerman), Stargate, Indiana Jones!!!! Ect.... Ect.... Ect......

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