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In the beta forums another user asked if you can replace the druid spiritshift form with a regular animal of the same kind.

So if the druid uses spirit shif bear, he looks like a bear and not like a werewolf with bear head.


Some user did not like the normal spiritshift form ( werewolf with animal head ) and in BG1+2 druids transformed into a normal animal.

There are already such animals in the game and animations for them. For example, can you replace the spirit shift form with the form of a rangers animal companion of the same type?


Its just the look, the druid should have the same stats as in the regular spirit shift form.

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I apologize for digging up this old thread, but I was looking for a way to this myself. It seems like this question hasn't been answered in any of the topics, so I just figured out a way to do this and I'd like to share it.

You can edit spiritshifting models in the statuseffects.gamebundle file located in 


I personally chose the cat form, so I have to change the cat related entry. Search for Spiritshift_Cat_SE_ChangeForm (replace cat with your form).
To change into one of the Ranger companions, e.g. a lion, replace the NewFormAppearance entry with "art/character/creatures/lion01/a_lion01.asset".


You can find a full list of characters in the assetbundles/characters.unity3d file, but you have to unpack it first (I used Unity Assets Bundle Extractor)

We've now changed the model, but we still have to attach the proper animations by changing the AnimationController entry to "art/animation/animationcontrollers/creature/lion.controller".


The animations are located in the assetbundles/animation.unity3d file

After doing that, search for Spiritshift_Cat_Shifter_SE_ChangeForm and do the exact same thing again. 
It's pretty straight forward. The only time consuming task is to dig through 70.000 character entries to try to find the one you want.

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