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Faction alignment point of no return?

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Hey everyone,


I'm on my first playthrough and intend to see as much of the content as possible. I remember from the developer Q and A that it should be possible to do a fair bit of questing for all factions before you're forced to choose. 


Now, I'm at port Dunnage and Furrante has asked me to do a job for him, but only if i'm 'fully committed'. This job involves a slaver operation somewhere on crookspur Island.


While spoiling as little as possible, could someone perhaps tell me if this is really the cutoff point and if doing this quest locks out all other faction quests?


Or is it so that the point where you have to pick your faction is a super dramatic, incredibly obvious point in the main story where all options are in a single dialogue option menu and I wouldn't have to worry about choices before advancing the main story past a certain point?


Kind regards,


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You can do all faction quest until "The coming storm" is triggered (story quest) where the last set of quests will happen. Everything until then don't lock alliance.


And even then, all of them will just give the quest first and your faction won't be locked until it is completed outside the Royal Deadfire one that will trigger and lock you in the area as soon as you accept.

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The game will make it VERY clear where you will have to choose a faction. It will like...literally say the lines "The time of being a freelancer is over, and it's time to choose who you will do SPOILERISH VILE THINGS"

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