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Beckoner seems quite powerful. I would personally mix him with another class for survival reasons if you're playing POTD. I am running a chanter/paladin, the passive defense buffs make me almost untouchable. I'm a skald though, not a summoner. If you want to run a summoner, just take all the summong chants as a beckoner and upgrade them. The skeletons will create more skeletons, the ogers will sweep enemies, the dragon will replace itself when it dies. As a multi class you won't be able to upgrade the weapon summoning, but it's powerful in its own right anyway 


There really isn't much to playing a summoner. Your summons don't benefits from any kind of buffs, but they do heal, so maybe take the ancient memory chant to help keep them in the fight a bit longer

Devoted Psiblade Sword and Board

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