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Mule Kick is a pain to play with

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I chose the fighter ability Mule Kick (an improved version of Knock Down) and it is really frustrating to use!

I want the extra damage and the disoriented debuff, but the "Knock Up"-effect is so disruptive.

If I have other characters attacking the enemy that I use Mule Kick on, more often than not they just stop attacking when the enemy is in the air. I then have to tell them to attack once again. While the enemy is in the air it is also immune to any AOE spell that I cast - this is a BIG downside if I am casting an important ability.


Can't you just make the enemy act as normal while it is "stunned" in the air?

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I was considering whether or not to take this ability on Eder, but instead opted for more defensive abilities instead.  It seems like the knock-up could be good or bad depending on whether it's more important to stop that enemy from attacking/casting or to keep attacking that enemy yourself.  I'm curious about how long the enemy stays in the air as well.  One thing you might try is turning on party AI and removing all the behaviors so that they only auto-attack aggressively.  This may help them to reacquire a target that has been sent flying.

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I find it useful but yeah that part can be kind of annoying.


Another weird one I found is if you cast Withdraw on yourself as the last man standing, the game thinks combat has ended because you can’t ‘see’ any enemies, which dumps you out of Withdraw, which immediately re-initiates combat again so you can be killed.

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