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What i don't like, same in the first game: Why do i have only the option, to create a adventurer, one level+ lower than my main character? Thats not fair and should not be in the game. When, let's say, aloth joins the party, he is the same level as my mc i believe. That should be for adventurer creation as well.

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I think the reason they are 1 level lower is because of the ability to fully customize them (including attributes) to fit perfectly with the type of party and playstyle that you want to use.  For example, in Pillars 1, sure I could use Durance (Dex=9) to buff my party and debuff the enemies, but he'd do it a lot slower than a custom priest with maxed out dexterity for faster casting speed.  It's probably much for the same reason that multi-classing takes away access to PL 8 and 9 abilities.  In short, I think it's for balance reasons.  Besides, all your characters can reach max level including ones that you create yourself.

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You can technically get adventurers early on so their exp lag is only around 1k less than your main character. Avoid doing most quests on the starting island and rush towards the inn to start hiring level1 adventurers. You can finish the inn quest (or use Berath's Blessings in starting menu) to gain enough currency (250 x 4 = 1k) to hire the adventurers.


Make sure you level up to level 2 but don't overshot it in the beginning so you'll essentially have same level adventurers throughout the game provided you don't swap them out while earning exp.

*throws smoke bombs in the thread and vanishes into the dark corners of the forums*

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