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It's a soulbound weapon, so likely like soulbound weapons from PoE 1, it might have different abilities based on what class you bind it to.


First, it's a sword, 1H. Has these stats:


Jealous: Only binds to the Watcher.

Emotional: Deals 20% bonus damage as Burn when above 50% health, 20% Freeze when below.



(Kill 1 Kith) Eager Lover: 2% bonus attack speed per hit until end of combat (stacks 15 times)

(Deal 1500 damage to Kith) Becomes Exceptional

(Kill 25 Kith) Experimentation: Gain Bottoms up (1 per encounter attack that stuns enemy)

(Talk to *****) Becomes Superb, True Independence (Immune to Intellect afflictions)


After small questline to max this sword out, It becomes a unique weapon, so you'll actually be able to upgrade it to Legendary, equip to others, etc.


I had it bind to me as a rogue, so Bottoms up might be a rogue skill. Not entirely sure.


Also, on the 'Kill 25 Kith' you get the name of ****** and where they are, so you can skip that point and gain all the skills without going through the trouble of killing so many Kith. 


There may be different skills and ways to end this, because there's lines somewhere where you can silence the voice in Modwyr apparently, but I haven't come across that.

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Not sure if that happened in your run, but I tested both before killing 25 kith and after killing 25 kith, and I got full results.


Maybe if you get it before that it won't work.


Also, read somewhere else, it's the same stats for all classes.

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It pretty much stays the same. It retains bottoms up, the fire/frost damage buff, the action speed buff, and it's exceptional. When you complete its quest, you can upgrade it to legendary, which is nice

Devoted Psiblade Sword and Board

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