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This - any answers? 

It's all the little things like this, plus knowing how much better PoE1 got after a few decent patches (Deadfire is already great so far), and not knowing whether the DLCs will be pre or post game ending, which is genuinely making me consider not playing until Sept when the 3rd DLC is out!

"If you would, you could become all flame" - Abba Joseph of the Desert Fathers.



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There are times that I think that Obsidian doesn't want to get up to date by looking what's going on in other games... since early 2000s! ... 

If this was the case, they would be spewing out lame FPS and Battle Royale games. It's part of their old-school mentality and sticking to their guns that has led me to love them so much.


I think many people forget what games were like in the days when patching something was either a) impossible or b) took A LONG TIME. Does Deadfire have a ton of bugs. Of course. Will the majority of them get fixed. Of course.


This forum is a great place though because they do take our ideas into consideration and make changes/updates when it's something that can better the game as a whole.

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I cant believe such a basic feature its out of the game. Its really like sail in a storm playing this game, and each day gets worse. Well it dosnt surprise me, since funding 80% of forums request for changes or info were ignored. Still a good game...for now.

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